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  1. First 'Alien: Covenant' Image Teases Biblical Spoilers

    3:14 pm PDT 04/27/2016
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    "Building Better Worlds" despite worrying foreshadowing. READ MORE

  2. Ridley Scott: 'Alien: Covenant' Is First of 3 Films Before Linking Up With Original 'Alien'

    9:03 pm PST 11/26/2015
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    The director revealed details of the 'Alien' origin stories as he begins pre-production on the followup to 'Prometheus' in Australia. READ MORE

  3. Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' Sequel Gets (Another) New Title, Synopsis

    11:02 am PST 11/16/2015
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    Introducing 'Alien: Covenant.' READ MORE

  4. Ridley Scott: I'm Trying to Keep 'Prometheus' Sequels for Myself

    2:46 pm PST 11/12/2015
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    Director says he shouldn't have let the 'Alien' series "get away" from him. READ MORE

  5. 'Prometheus 2' to Be Titled 'Alien: Paradise Lost,' Says Ridley Scott

    1:41 pm PDT 09/24/2015
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    "We're going to why and how and when the beast was invented," the director teased. READ MORE

  6. Ridley Scott: 'Prometheus' Movies Will Explain The 'Alien' Universe — Eventually

    9:58 am PDT 09/23/2015
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    "It will be the one after this one, or maybe even a fourth film, before we get back into the 'Alien' franchise," the director reveals. READ MORE

  7. There May Not Be a Xenomorph in 'Prometheus' Sequel, Says Ridley Scott

    8:40 am PDT 09/25/2014
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    "There's only so much snarling you can do" READ MORE

  8. 'Prometheus: Fire and Stone' Trailer Teases Comic Crossover With 'Aliens,' 'Predator'

    3:18 pm PDT 08/20/2014
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    Spoilers: It's all about the black goo READ MORE

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  9. Berlin: Keanu Reeves' Space Romance 'Passengers' Lands at Studio Babelsberg

    3:59 am PST 01/31/2014
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    The sci-fi project, in which Rachel McAdams co-stars, will be the feature debut of Irish TV director Brian Kirk ("Game of Thrones") and will begin shooting at the German studio later this year. READ MORE

  10. Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' to Continue in Comic Book Form

    2:01 pm PDT 07/03/2013
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    Dark Horse Entertainment tells THR it is "brewing something up" for fans of the 2012 sci-fi title. READ MORE

  11. 'Transcendence' Writer Jack Paglen in Talks for 'Prometheus' Sequel

    5:05 pm PDT 06/17/2013
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    Ridley Scott's 2012 sci-fi film followed a group of scientists looking for the origins of mankind. READ MORE

  12. Visual Effects Oscar: The Illusions Behind 'Avengers' Through 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

    7:00 am PST 12/21/2012
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    With the Academy's shortlist of finalists due Jan. 3, a look at the effects we take for granted -- from a Bengal tiger on a lifeboat to a 3D Gollum. READ MORE

  13. 'Dragon Tattoo' Star Noomi Rapace Topless, Killing Zombies in Rolling Stones Music Video

    11:53 am PST 11/21/2012
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    In the band's edgy new video for "Doom and Gloom," the actress appears in several guises, including a female Jagger, a zombie killer, a binge eater and a pink-haired prostitute. READ MORE

  14. Fox's Jim Gianopulos Talks SOPA Debacle, Steve Jobs, 3D at USC Law Institute

    4:55 pm PDT 10/27/2012
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    The studio chairman spoke about his efforts to bring together Hollywood and Silicon Valley at USC's annual gathering of entertainment lawyers. READ MORE

  15. 'Madagascar 3' Tops Home Entertainment Charts

    4:44 pm PDT 10/24/2012
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    "Prometheus" slips to No. 2 while "2016: Obama's America" makes a surprisingly strong debut at No. 4. READ MORE

  16. 'Prometheus' Knocks 'Avengers' From No. 1 on Home Entertainment Charts

    3:29 pm PDT 10/17/2012
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    "Rock of Ages" made its debut at No. 3, followed by the Blu-ray release of "E.T." at No. 4. READ MORE

  17. Official Vatican Newspaper Criticizes 'Prometheus' for 'Mishandling' Delicate Questions

    10:43 am PDT 09/24/2012
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    With the criticisms, "Prometheus" joins a list of films the Vatican dislikes that includes "The Da Vinci Code" and "Avatar." READ MORE

  18. Fox Home Entertainment Launches 'Digital HD' With 'Prometheus'

    9:36 am PDT 09/18/2012
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    The move puts Fox's movies in the tablet, smartphone and interconnected device market. READ MORE

  19. Tony Scott's Death: Witness Says Director Was 'Determined' Just Before Jumping From Bridge

    5:49 pm PDT 08/21/2012
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    "He was not crying, he didn't look upset, he didn't look sad. He just looked very resolute," a Rancho Palos Verdes man tells the Los Angeles Times. READ MORE