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  1. Matt Damon Impersonates Bill Clinton on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

    9:33 pm PST 12/10/2012
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    The "Promised Land" star and co-writer opens up about his awkward first meeting with the president. READ MORE

  2. Matt Damon and John Krasinski Dish on Their Writing Partnership at 'Promised Land' Premiere

    12:59 pm PST 12/05/2012
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    The co-stars wrote their new film together, with Damon saying Krasinski "reminded me of Ben" -- Affleck, that is. READ MORE

  3. Matt Damon Says Power to the People at 'Promised Land' Premiere

    7:50 am PST 12/05/2012
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    At the New York premiere of his film, the screenwriter/actor spoke to THR about the debate over fracking, as did environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. READ MORE

  4. Promised Land: Film Review

    6:00 am PST 12/05/2012
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    Co-writers Matt Damon and John Krasinski star in Gus Van Sant's movie about a small town asked to allow fracking on its land. READ MORE

  5. THR's Awards Season Roundtable Series 2012: The Directors

    10:15 am PST 11/28/2012
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    Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained), David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook), Ben Affleck (Argo), Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Tom Hooper (Les Miserables) and Gus Van Sant (Promised Land) sit down with THR's news director Matt Belloni and executive editor Stephen Galloway for a spirited discussion at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. READ MORE

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  6. Director Roundtable: 6 Auteurs on Tantrums, Crazy Actors and Quitting While They're Ahead

    9:00 am PST 11/28/2012
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    Ben Affleck shares a traumatic on-set memory, David O. Russell reveals which film he made with his "head up his ass" and Quentin Tarantino on when he'll call it quits: "I don't intend to be a director deep into my old age." READ MORE

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  7. THR's Director Roundtable: 6 Hollywood Auteurs on Tantrums, Dealing With Actors and When They'll Quit

    8:56 am PST 11/28/2012
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    6 Hollywood auteurs on tantrums, dealing with actors and when they'll quit. READ MORE

  8. A Few Minutes with Feinberg: Studios Under the Gun As Start of Voting Nears (Video)

    3:07 am PST 11/15/2012
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    THR's awards analyst on last weekend's box-office surprises, the last contenders that have yet to screen, and the films that got the biggest bump out of AFI Fest. READ MORE

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  9. THR's Writer Roundtable: Osama bin Laden, Why 'Schindler's List' Is Irresponsible and When Judd Apatow Was a Dishwasher

    10:00 am PST 11/14/2012
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    Six talented screenwriters spill secrets of their hot movies and reveal whether the CIA gave notes to Kathryn Bigelow. READ MORE

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  10. A Few Minutes with Feinberg: Oscar Contenders

    12:23 pm PST 11/13/2012
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    THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg goes over the top contenders for this year's Oscar race. He also points out that several high-profile film have yet to screen, including 'Promised Land', 'Les Miserables', 'Zero Dark Thirty', 'Django Unchained', and 'The Hobbit'. READ MORE

  11. Spielberg, Affleck, Zemeckis: They're All Lining Up for Online Q&As

    4:10 pm PST 11/08/2012
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    Now streaming on the Web, the long-running series is hotter than ever with fans, voters and the filmmakers who are courting them. READ MORE

  12. THR's Actor Roundtable: 6 Leading Men on Politics, Over-40 Actresses and the Dangers of Success

    11:00 am PST 11/08/2012
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    Matt Damon, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Alan Arkin and John Hawkes convene for a rare exploration of the current state of the male movie star. READ MORE

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  13. Aaron Sorkin Hosts 'Promised Land' Sneak Peek as Many Oscar Hopefuls Court Politics

    8:00 am PST 11/06/2012
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    The Matt Damon anti-fracking drama joins several awards contenders with political overtones; many are not being widely screened until after the election. READ MORE

  14. Todd McCarthy's First Analysis of the Year's First Oscar Picks

    11:00 am PDT 10/31/2012
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    THR's chief movie critic on the slow start start of the year and the recent releases that might make this award season interesting. READ MORE

  15. Danny Elfman: 'My Constant Worry Is That I'll Run Out of Ideas' (Q&A)

    9:00 am PDT 10/24/2012
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    The composer wins the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Maestro Award and talks about how working with Tim Burton has changed over the years ("his ears are sharper") and how the theme to "The Simpsons" took 10 minutes to write. READ MORE

  16. Energy Industry Targets Upcoming Matt Damon Film 'Promised Land'

    1:53 am PDT 10/08/2012
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    "We've been surprised at the emergence of what looks like a concerted campaign targeting the film even before anyone's seen it," says Focus Features CEO James Schamus. READ MORE

  17. 'Promised Land' Trailer

    4:34 pm PDT 09/24/2012
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    A decade and a half after Matt Damon teamed up with Gus Van Sant (and Ben Affleck) on his Oscar-winning breakout hit 'Good Will Hunting', the pair shoot for prestige film status once again with 'Promised Land'. READ MORE

  18. 'Promised Land' Trailer: Matt Damon and John Krasinski Square Off (Video)

    2:17 pm PDT 09/21/2012
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    The pair co-wrote and co-star in the eco-drama about the controversial drilling practice known as fracking. READ MORE

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