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  1. Colin Trevorrow to Direct 'Jurassic Park 4'

    2:46 pm PDT 03/14/2013
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    The "Safety Not Guaranteed" director will helm the fourth installment of the blockbuster dinosaur series, while original helmer Steven Spielberg will executive produce. READ MORE

  2. Jake Johnson on the Script for ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’

    10:44 am PST 02/24/2013
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    Jake Johnson on the momentum of his independent movie and working with writer Derek Connolly. READ MORE

  3. Spirit Awards 2013: Mark Duplass on Selecting Projects, Oscar Hopes for 'Zero Dark Thirty'

    10:31 am PST 02/24/2013
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    The actor says he's "pissed" Kathryn Bigelow didn't get a best director nom for the Academy Awards. READ MORE

  4. Colin Trevorrow Tiptoes Around 'Star Wars' Speculation, Looks to the Future

    7:50 am PST 11/27/2012
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    The writer-director behind "Safety Not Guaranteed" has found himself in the middle of "Episode VII" speculation, which has provided some very surreal moments. READ MORE

  5. 'Safety Not Guaranteed' Cast on Their Quirky, Time Travel Dramedy (Video)

    3:56 pm PDT 06/08/2012
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    Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza talk surprise endings and crazy characters in a conversation with THR. READ MORE

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  6. Behind the Scenes of 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

    2:40 pm PDT 06/08/2012
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    Mark Duplass on how he came across the quirky comedy about a guy that believes in time travel starring Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson. READ MORE

  7. Jake Johnson's Top 3 WTF Moments From New Girl

    3:50 pm PDT 06/07/2012
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    'New Girl' co-star Jake Johnson gives us his top 3 WTF moments from season 1. He adds, "Well the first one is the three-way with Zoe's character, myself and the landlord. And there would be things like the landlord rubs Nick's face and I felt like, what are we doing." READ MORE

  8. Sh*t Talking with Aubrey Plaza, Jake Johnson and Mark Duplass

    4:43 pm PDT 06/05/2012
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    When talking about 'Safety Not Guaranteed' co-stars Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson, Aubrey said, "Mark is amazing, always wanting to do something different, he is interested in keeping it fresh and Jake is just like a violent monster. I just dodged him the entire time." Jake replied by saying, "Aubrey Plaza is as bad as it gets in this business, as a actor an READ MORE

  9. Facebook, Time Travel and Young Love: 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

    11:53 am PDT 06/05/2012
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    Star Jake Johnson and director Colin Trevorrow discuss their new movie and past lives in a conversation with THR. READ MORE

  10. Aubrey Plaza on Nick Offerman's Blonde Beard

    8:45 pm PDT 05/23/2012
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    Aubrey Plaza comments on 'Parks and Rec' co-star Nick Offerman's new blonde beard. READ MORE

  11. 'Safety Not Guaranteed's' Jake Johnson to His Intern: 'Let's Do Something Stupid' (Video)

    4:17 pm PDT 05/21/2012
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    Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza also star in this comedy about magazine writers who investigate the author of a personal ad seeking a companion for his time travel experiment. READ MORE

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  12. Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer

    2:34 pm PDT 03/28/2012
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    Trailer for 'Safety Not Guaranteed' starring Kristen Bell, Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza. READ MORE

  13. Safety Not Guaranteed: Sundance Film Review

    5:10 pm PST 01/24/2012
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    Aubrey Plaza proves she can carry a film with this multiplex-friendly comedy about time travel. READ MORE