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  1. Oscars Forecast: 4 Weird Things You Should See, 24 Things You Will See

    7:15 pm PST 02/22/2011
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    The Oscar polls closed Tuesday at 5 p.m., so here's what's going to happen at the Oscars on Feb. 22 (plus four imaginary scenes that would make the show way more entertaining). READ MORE

  2. Report: 2010 Box Office Favored Movies with 'Strong Biblical Morality' Over Pro-Atheism Themes

    10:57 am PST 02/20/2011
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    The Movieguide Faith and Value Awards featured the annual report to the industry and honored movies such as "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." READ MORE

  3. 'Social Network' Wins Best Edited Dramatic Feature at ACE Eddie Awards

    10:02 pm PST 02/19/2011
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    "Alice in Wonderland" wins for best edited comedy or musical, "Toy Story 3" takes prize for animated feature film. READ MORE

  4. 'Social Network' Nabs Best Int'l Film, Actor Honors at Irish Film and TV Awards

    9:37 am PST 02/13/2011
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    Annette Bening gets int'l actress award for 'The Kids Are All Right' at Dublin ceremony, which dished out 37 awards for movies and television shows on Feb. 12. READ MORE

  5. Roger Ebert Picks Oscar Winners: Firth, Rush, Steinfeld, Hooper, Sorkin and 'Incendies'

    10:39 am PST 02/11/2011
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    Roger Ebert predicts who will win, who ought to, and offers you a chance to win $100,000 real dollars in the Outguess Ebert contest. READ MORE

  6. Disney Profits Up 54% in Q1

    2:03 pm PST 02/08/2011
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    UPDATED: Theme parks division growth, strong ESPN ad sales boost bottom line; studio entertainment segment revenue flat. READ MORE

  7. Former Disney Exec Calls Pixar-Boycotted Annies 'Sad'

    3:04 pm PST 02/06/2011
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    "I understand there's lot of issues, and the Animated Film Society needs to work on that," Peter Schneider tells THR. READ MORE

  8. Screenwriting Guru Robert McKee Rates the Oscar Nominees

    10:06 am PST 02/05/2011
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    The longtime screenwriting teacher weighs in on the debate about accuracy in biographical films such as "The Fighter," "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network." READ MORE

  9. Michael Arndt, 'Toy Story 3'

    1:02 pm PST 02/04/2011
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    The only person to have won a best original screenplay Oscar for his first scrip then get an adapted screenplay nomination for his second looks to stay busy well past Oscar night. READ MORE

  10. Will 'Dragon' Take the Oscar From 'Toy Story'?

    2:33 pm PST 02/02/2011
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    DreamWorks' 'Dragon' picks up momentum after Tuesday's VES Awards. READ MORE

  11. 'Toy Story 3' Writer to Take on Disney's Snow White Project (Exclusive)

    4:15 pm PST 02/01/2011
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    Michael Arndt will work on "Snow and the Seven," an East-meets-West take on the fairy tale set in 19th century China that's being directed by Francis Lawrence. READ MORE

  12. Top 5 Oscar Nomination Mysteries Solved

    8:19 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Why did Christopher Nolan, Lesley Manville, Marion Cotillard, "Tron", and "Waiting for Superman" lose, and teensy upstarts win? Here's why. READ MORE

  13. Unusual Number of Oscar Nominees Feature Severed Extremities, Oral Sex

    4:22 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Film critic Steven Rea "goes out on a limb" and proclaims this the biggest year for amputations in Oscar history. But oral sex scenes win still more kudos. READ MORE

  14. New Oscar Predictions: 'King's Speech,' David Fincher, 'Inception,' 'Inside Job'

    6:57 pm PST 01/25/2011
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    THR's Oscar Nostradamus respectably guesses 31 out of 35 Oscar noms, and reveals who's going to win now. And why "The King's Speech" is ahead again (by a nose). READ MORE

  15. Oscar Nominees React

    6:38 am PST 01/25/2011
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    "I didn't really feel anything at first and then when I was looking at the TV and I heard my name and saw my face on the television screen, I just kind of snapped," says first-time acting nominee, Jennifer Lawrence. READ MORE

  16. 'King's Speech' Takes Top PGA Award, Shakes Up Awards Race

    10:27 pm PST 01/22/2011
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    "Toy Story 3," "Mad Men," "Modern Family" and "Waiting for 'Superman' " are also honored at Saturday night ceremony. READ MORE

  17. Pre-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'Social Network' and Portman Will Win

    12:56 pm PST 01/21/2011
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    THR's Oscar predictor gives up on "The King's Speech" and Annette Bening -- but ask us again after Saturday's PGA Awards. READ MORE

  18. 'Toy Story 3' Breaks Visual Effects Barrier at BAFTAs

    5:39 pm PST 01/19/2011
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    Yesterday's BAFTA noms are yet another sign of a changing way of thinking about what constitutes a visual effect. READ MORE

  19. 'Social Network' Leads Globes With Four Wins, 'Glee' Takes Top TV Honors

    5:07 pm PST 01/16/2011
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    "The Kids Are All Right," "Glee," Natalie Portman and Colin Firth also pick up major awards. READ MORE

  20. The Making of “Toy Story 3”

    9:44 pm PST 01/11/2011
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    A years-old concept got chucked at the very first meeting as the Pixar brain trust looked to reinvent its beloved franchise — and give it a fitting finale. READ MORE

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  21. Post-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'True Grit' No. 3, Tie for First Place

    5:43 pm PST 01/06/2011
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    I'm stubbornly sticking with "The King's Speech" for best picture, but my fellow Gurus o'Gold are split. But the Coens' Western galloped from No. 7 to No. 3. READ MORE