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  1. Inside the Governor's Ball: Oscar Nominee Hailee Steinfeld the Belle of the Ball

    1:18 am PST 02/28/2011
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    "The Fighter's" Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were eager to introduce themselves to "True Grit's" young star at the post-Oscar party. READ MORE

  2. Oscars: James Franco, Anne Hathaway Open Show With Movie Spoofs

    5:56 pm PST 02/27/2011
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    The co-hosts pop up in scenes from best picture nominees including "Inception" and "The King's Speech" -- and even "Back to the Future." READ MORE

  3. 'The King's Speech' Reigns at Oscars

    5:45 pm PST 02/27/2011
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    The British drama wins best picture, lead actor, director and original screenplay honors at the 83rd Academy Awards; Natalie Portman, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale join Colin Firth as winners in acting categories. READ MORE

  4. Oscar Front-Runner Melissa Leo Hoping They'll Call 'Some Other Girl's Name'

    4:09 pm PST 02/27/2011
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    The best supporting actress nominee favorite says she hopes someone else wins the award. READ MORE

  5. 'I Am Number Four' is No. 1 Overseas With $17.8 Million

    1:46 pm PST 02/27/2011
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    "Black Swan" dances into second place while "The King's Speech" and "True Grit" take the third and fourth spots, respectively. READ MORE

  6. Oscar Movies Are Leading To Big Box Office

    5:00 am PST 02/25/2011
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    This season's stunning box-office receipts from "Black Swan" and "The King's Speech" may prompt Hollywood to greenlight similar adult projects. READ MORE

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  7. The Biggest Youthquake Since 1977 Hits the Oscars

    3:22 pm PST 02/24/2011
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    Critic Carrie Rickey surveys the flood of young blood: Almost half the acting Oscar noms are 40 or under. READ MORE

  8. Oscars: Will the Loudest Actors Win?

    6:09 pm PST 02/23/2011
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    If you want an Oscar, it doesn't pay to play it cool. Here are the noisiest contenders -- and likeliest to win on Sunday. READ MORE

  9. Oscars Forecast: 4 Weird Things You Should See, 24 Things You Will See

    7:15 pm PST 02/22/2011
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    The Oscar polls closed Tuesday at 5 p.m., so here's what's going to happen at the Oscars on Feb. 22 (plus four imaginary scenes that would make the show way more entertaining). READ MORE

  10. 'Black Swan' Tops Int'l Box Office for Second Straight Week With $17.6 Million

    5:18 pm PST 02/20/2011
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    Oscar nominated "The King's Speech" comes in a close second with $15.8 million, followed by "Tangled" at No. 3 with $11.5 million. READ MORE

  11. 'King's Speech,' 'Black Swan's' Barbara Hershey Lead Best Cast Wish List

    7:07 pm PST 02/18/2011
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    No, there are no Best Casting Oscars. So "General Hospital'" Mark Teschner decided to make some nominations on his own -- Barbara Hershey's casting director, get that speech ready! READ MORE

  12. Oscar Insiders: Why the Academy Should Kill the Best Song Category

    4:00 pm PST 02/17/2011
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    Some experts are suggesting to replace it with an adapted-music award. The good news is, the Academy will likely be open to new ideas, writes Tim Appelo. READ MORE

  13. Hailee Steinfeld Wins Best Supporting Actress in Gurus o'Gold Poll

    5:38 pm PST 02/16/2011
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    Suddenly at the last minute, "True Grit's" teen titan Hailee Steinfeld tops the influential pundits' poll, showing how volatile the supporting actress category is this year. READ MORE

  14. Why 'Anti-Pimp' Helena Bonham Carter Might Steal Melissa Leo's Oscar

    3:24 pm PST 02/16/2011
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    Blogger Anne Thompson argues that the "King's Speech" star has already turned in two of the best performances on the campaign trail: at The Hollywood Reporter's actress roundtable and the Oscar nominees' luncheon. READ MORE

  15. 'Inception' Cinematographer Wally Pfister Wins ASC Film Award

    9:49 pm PST 02/13/2011
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    Also earning trophies were Stephen Windon for HBO's "The Pacific" and Jonathan Freeman for his work on the network's "Boardwalk Empire." READ MORE

  16. Oscar Front-Runners, Led by 'King's Speech,' Enjoying Box-Office Boost

    2:55 pm PST 02/13/2011
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    Other awards contenders including "True Grit," "The Fighter" and "Black Swan" are still performing well globally. READ MORE

  17. 5 New Melissa Leo Quotes: Hailee Steinfeld 'Pimping,' Helena Bonham Carter 'Shoving Me'

    10:48 am PST 02/11/2011
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    Oscar frontrunner Melissa Leo says stardom is "oddly fascinating, a little uncomfortable, and tremendous fun." "Sounds like a push-up bra," says interviewer Thelma Adams. READ MORE

  18. Roger Ebert Picks Oscar Winners: Firth, Rush, Steinfeld, Hooper, Sorkin and 'Incendies'

    10:39 am PST 02/11/2011
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    Roger Ebert predicts who will win, who ought to, and offers you a chance to win $100,000 real dollars in the Outguess Ebert contest. READ MORE

  19. The Coen Brothers Return to Berlin With 'True Grit'

    5:52 pm PST 02/10/2011
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    Thirteen years after bringing "The Big Lebowski" to the German fest, the filmmakers introduce their latest to the cinema's international community. READ MORE

  20. Hailee Steinfeld Holds Her Own at Rambunctious Berlin Press Conference (Berlin)

    5:07 pm PST 02/10/2011
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    Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges kid the "True Grit" star about making money off of them for cursing. READ MORE

  21. Inside 'Inception': The Last-Minute 8-Oscar-Bait Featurette

    4:02 pm PST 02/10/2011
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    For a $823 million movie, clearly the year's most spectacular and original, "Inception" has one lowish profile. So here's Warner Bros.' new five-minute featurette to keep the Oscar dream alive. READ MORE

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