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  1. Inside 'Inception': The Last-Minute 8-Oscar-Bait Featurette

    4:02 pm PST 02/10/2011
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    For a $823 million movie, clearly the year's most spectacular and original, "Inception" has one lowish profile. So here's Warner Bros.' new five-minute featurette to keep the Oscar dream alive. READ MORE

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  2. Oscar Expert Mark Harris: Ban Actors, Writers From Voting on Sound and Editing

    8:43 am PST 02/10/2011
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    Oscarologist and "Pictures at a Revolution" author Mark Harris has a revolutionary idea: common sense in Oscar voting for sound and editing awards. READ MORE

  3. Cowboys and 'Indianerfilms' Ride High With Film Lovers in Germany

    11:31 am PST 02/09/2011
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    The country has a long tradition of producing Westerns. READ MORE

  4. How Coen Brothers Choose Their Feature Projects

    12:31 pm PST 02/08/2011
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    The filmmakers wanted to do the Western adaptation right after their Oscar triumph with "No Country." READ MORE

  5. Is 'True Grit' the Perfect Tea Party Movie?

    2:20 pm PST 02/05/2011
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    The film’s take on guns, law and self-reliance are similar to stances taken by the populist political movement, argues Daniel Menaker. READ MORE

  6. Joel and Ethan Coen, 'True Grit'

    1:02 pm PST 02/04/2011
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    The writer-director duo tend to deflect questions about their work with fusillades of wisecracks, but with some prodding they reveal a peek or two behind the curtain of their creative process. READ MORE

  7. Joel and Ethan Coen Spill Their Screenwriting Secrets

    6:32 pm PST 02/03/2011
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    The "True Grit" filmmakers explain their creative process, tout the usefulness of lunatic screenwriters and tell why nurse sex can make good cinematic sense. Read Q&As with all 10 Oscar nominees in THR's "Year of the Screenwriter" special issue. READ MORE

  8. 'The Roommate' Poised to Win Box Office During Super Bowl Weekend

    4:41 pm PST 02/03/2011
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    The Minka Kelly-Leighton Meester thriller is expected to surpass sales of James Cameron-produced "Sanctum 3D." READ MORE

  9. Academy Award Movie Makeovers

    7:25 am PST 02/01/2011
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    A look at the physical transformations that helped these elite actors earn Oscar nominations. READ MORE

  10. This Scene Alone Should Win 'True Grit' Cinematographer Roger Deakins an Oscar

    8:56 pm PST 01/31/2011
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    Roger Deakins' ninth Oscar nom should be the charm. Watch "True Grit's" greatest scene, and hear Deakins explain the effect his art was after. READ MORE

  11. 'Tangled' Bumps 'Green Hornet' Out of No. 1 Spot at Int'l Box Office

    1:11 pm PST 01/30/2011
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    UPDATED: Disney's animated film had an exceptionally strong No. 1 debut in the United Kingdom. READ MORE

  12. Top 5 Oscar Nomination Mysteries Solved

    8:19 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Why did Christopher Nolan, Lesley Manville, Marion Cotillard, "Tron", and "Waiting for Superman" lose, and teensy upstarts win? Here's why. READ MORE

  13. Unusual Number of Oscar Nominees Feature Severed Extremities, Oral Sex

    4:22 pm PST 01/26/2011
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    Film critic Steven Rea "goes out on a limb" and proclaims this the biggest year for amputations in Oscar history. But oral sex scenes win still more kudos. READ MORE

  14. Coen Bros. on Oscar Nominations: 'Ten Seems Like an Awful Lot'

    8:54 am PST 01/25/2011
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    "We don't want to take anyone else's," they say in a joint statement. READ MORE

  15. How NFL Playoffs Hurt Weekend Box Office

    6:03 pm PST 01/24/2011
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    "The King's Speech" and "True Grit" are among the films whose estimates fell short due to championship games that broke ratings records. READ MORE

  16. Pre-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'Social Network' and Portman Will Win

    12:56 pm PST 01/21/2011
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    THR's Oscar predictor gives up on "The King's Speech" and Annette Bening -- but ask us again after Saturday's PGA Awards. READ MORE

  17. EXCLUSIVE: 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Wild Bunch' Reboots Revived After Warner Bros. Exec Shuffle

    2:55 pm PST 01/19/2011
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    Are you ready for a "Lethal Weapon" reboot? How about a remake of "The Wild Bunch"? READ MORE

  18. Berlin Tones Down Hollywood Glitz and Ups the Indie Grit for 2011 Edition

    7:26 am PST 01/18/2011
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    "Unknown," "Margin Call" and "The Forgiveness of Blood" among Berlin titles. READ MORE

  19. THR Cover: Jeff Bridges’ Revealing New Interview

    10:38 am PST 01/12/2011
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    The "True Grit" star opens up about hesitating before taking on Rooster, almost not proposing to his wife and real-life similarities to his "Big Lebowski" character – including using "booze and pot and drugs" between films. READ MORE

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  20. Jeff Bridges Is Still Searching … But For What?

    9:43 pm PST 01/11/2011
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    The always restless Oscar incumbent on Zen, what marriage is like as a commitment-phobe and the burden of being The Dude. READ MORE

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  21. Bridges on Bridges

    9:43 pm PST 01/11/2011
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    The actor recalls some key movies from his impressive filmography. READ MORE