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  1. Jay Roach to Direct Kent State Shooting Drama '67 Shots'

    10:25 am PDT 10/13/2017
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    The project reteams Roach with Shivani Rawat, who financed the Bryan Cranston-starring biopic 'Trumbo,' and will be produced by Tina Fey. READ MORE

  2. Munich Film Festival Honors Bryan Cranston With Lifetime Achievement Award

    4:56 am PDT 06/24/2017
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    “When you see your likeness tattooed on someone else's butt, you know you've made it,” the 'Breaking Bad' star joked as he accepted Munich's Cinemerit honor for his career in film and TV. READ MORE

  3. Inside South Korea's Battle With a State-Sponsored Censorship Crisis

    11:00 pm PST 02/09/2017
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    Asia’s entertainment powerhouse is reassessing its young democracy, as top government officials are being arrested for compiling an "artist blacklist" featuring the likes of 'Oldboy' director Park Chan-wook. READ MORE

  4. Dalton Trumbo's Granddaughter Reveals Where She Keeps His Oscar: A Symbol of "His Courage"

    8:55 am PST 02/24/2016
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    Samantha Trumbo Campbell has the best writing Oscar for 1953's 'Roman Holiday' in her Pasadena bungalow: "I think my grandfather's Oscars are especially significant because they represent the eventual demise of the Hollywood blacklist, which he fought so hard to undermine." READ MORE

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  5. Bryan Cranston in 'Trumbo': Film Clip

    8:00 am PST 02/09/2016
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    "The Blacklist was a time of evil and no one who survived it came through untouched by evil," says Dalton Trumbo (Byran Cranston) in a speech to the WGA in 'Trumbo.' READ MORE

  6. SAG Awards: 'The Big Short,' 'Trumbo,' 'Carol' Shut Out

    8:22 pm PST 01/30/2016
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    'Steve Jobs' also failed to win either of the awards for which it was nominated, while TV nominee 'Homeland' also went home empty-handed despite going into Saturday night's show with a leading three nominations, tied with 'Game of Thrones' and 'House of Cards,' which each won one award. READ MORE

  7. 'Trumbo' Screenwriter John McNamara to Get WGA's Paul Selvin Award

    2:01 pm PST 01/26/2016
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    He will be honored at the WGA ceremony on Feb. 13 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles. READ MORE

  8. Watch THR's Full, Uncensored Actress Roundtable With Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson and More

    7:30 am PST 01/11/2016
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    Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson join six other notable actresses of the past year for The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Oscar Roundtable. READ MORE

  9. How Costume Designers for 'Trumbo,' 'Joy' Found the Perfect Fit

    12:00 pm PST 01/06/2016
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    Wardrobing historical figures from legendary Hollywood gossip queen Hedda Hopper to Eddie Redmayne's Lili Elbe, four designers reveal they started with "the deepest, most thorough research possible." READ MORE

  10. Palm Springs Film Fest: 'Trumbo' Star Bryan Cranston Tapped for Honor

    5:59 am PST 12/29/2015
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    The Emmy and Tony winner, who's making a run at an Oscar for his portrayal of blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, will collect the fest's Spotlight Award on Jan. 2. READ MORE

  11. SAG and Golden Globe Nominees by the Numbers

    6:00 am PST 12/18/2015
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    'The Martian' is doing battle with 'Trainwreck' and newcomer Alicia Vikander is facing off against veterans like Jane Fonda. THR breaks down the numbers — and makes sense of it all. READ MORE

  12. Oscars: 'Star Wars' and the All-Out Scrum of a Race Without a Frontrunner

    7:55 am PST 12/16/2015
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    As 'The Force Awakens' premieres, Academy voters reveal their favorites and annoyances with the season: "I have never been so assaulted by screenings and events and screeners." READ MORE

  13. SAG Awards: 'Trumbo,' 'House of Cards' Top Nominees

    8:16 am PST 12/09/2015
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    The 22nd annual SAG Awards are set to take place on Saturday, Jan. 30. READ MORE

  14. Can 'Trumbo's' Bryan Cranston Ride the Wave of Academy Love for Hollywood Movies? (Video)

    11:58 pm PST 12/02/2015
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    THR's awards analyst wonders if the Emmy-winning 'Breaking Bad' star could emerge, from a film that has divided critics, to land a best actor nom. READ MORE

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  15. Bryan Cranston Sings About Mortgages and Credit Scores in James Corden's Grown-Man Boy Band

    6:28 am PST 11/20/2015
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    "I like my phone font the larger size. You're like my phone font: easy on the eyes." READ MORE

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  16. 'Trumbo' and 'Woman in Gold' Actress Helen Mirren - Actress Oscar Roundtable

    2:27 pm PST 11/19/2015
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    "Truth is always so much more interesting than fiction, isn't it?" READ MORE

  17. The Hollywood Ten: The Men Who Refused to Name Names

    4:13 pm PST 11/16/2015
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    When the House Un-American Activities Committee subpoenaed filmmakers to testify about communism in the industry, a few held their ground — and for a time, lost their livelihood. READ MORE