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  1. Christian Group Known for Criticizing Bible Films Endorses 'Risen'

    1:38 pm PST 02/18/2016
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    Faith Driven Consumer gained notoriety with a controversial poll criticizing 'Noah' and by stirring up Christians to defend 'Duck Dynasty.' READ MORE

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  2. Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' to Screen in Japan Despite Rightwing Protests

    9:45 pm PDT 10/22/2015
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    Delayed for months after protests from fringe nationalists, the prisoner of war drama has finally found a local distributor. READ MORE

  3. "Faith-Based" Is Not a Film Genre (Guest Column)

    9:00 am PDT 07/02/2015
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    "I've come to the conclusion that the label is both untrue and unhelpful, and should be abandoned." READ MORE

  4. Cannes: Japan's Entertainment Sector Faces Censorship

    7:04 pm PDT 05/14/2015
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    With Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' facing an unofficial ban, local moviemakers are being pressured to self-monitor by far-right nationalists. READ MORE

  5. Universal to Release 'Unbroken' DVD Marketed Exclusively to Christian Audience

    6:24 pm PDT 03/23/2015
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    A "Legacy of Faith" version of the home video will feature 90 minutes of extras and sell only at Christian stores and websites. READ MORE

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  6. iTunes in March: 'The Imitation Game,' 'Wild,' 'The Last Man on Earth' and More

    12:02 pm PST 02/28/2015
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    Apple's store is also offering Adam Sandler's latest 'The Cobbler' and Ethan Hawke's 'Cymbeline' and free episodes of big March series premieres, including ABC's 'Secrets and Lies' and 'American Crime,' CBS' 'Battle Creek' and TV Land's 'Younger.' READ MORE

  7. Oscars 2015 Snubs: 'Foxcatcher' Shut Out, 'American Sniper,' 'Boyhood' Win One Each

    9:45 pm PST 02/22/2015
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    Surprise winners include best animated feature 'Big Hero 6,' upsetting favorite 'How To Train Your Dragon 2,' and 'The Imitation Game' winning best adapted screenplay over 'Whiplash.' READ MORE

  8. Oscars 2015: 'American Sniper' Wins Best Sound Editing

    6:53 pm PST 02/22/2015
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    Sienna Miller and Chris Evans presented the honor. READ MORE

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  9. Oscars 2015: 'Whiplash' Wins Best Sound Mixing

    6:47 pm PST 02/22/2015
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    The awards are being handed out Sunday night in Hollywood. READ MORE

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  10. Best (and Worst) of Awards Season: And the Honor of Most Obviously Intoxicated Presenter Goes To …

    5:00 am PST 02/20/2015
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    Is it over yet? From Telluride to the final tally, an exhausting five-month Oscar race has left casualties ('Fury'? 'Big Eyes'?), controversies (#OscarsSoWhite) and a whole lot of crazy moments. THR breaks down the good, the bad and the embarrassing in our fourth annual Awards Season Awards. READ MORE

  11. Oscars: 'Unbroken' Sound Editor Opens Up About Angelina Jolie's Directing Style

    8:00 am PST 02/17/2015
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    Becky Sullivan also happens to be the only female nominated this year in her category: "I have two daughters thrilled they can see Mom doing this." READ MORE

  12. 'American Sniper,' 'Birdman,' 'Unbroken' Among Winners at Sound Editors Awards

    10:55 pm PST 02/15/2015
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    The Motion Picture Sound Editors also recognized 'Big Hero 6' and 'Get On Up' in feature categories. READ MORE

  13. Oscars: Why Composers Went the "Traditional" Route With Best Score Nominees

    10:30 am PST 02/12/2015
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    This year's nominated score are full of traditional orchestras and "bow and blow" ensembles playing acoustic instruments — even in outer space — as their composers blended old sounds with new technology. READ MORE

  14. Jon Voight: Angelina Jolie Deserved An Oscar Nomination for 'Unbroken'

    9:31 am PST 02/11/2015
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    Jolie's father is not pleased about her Oscars snub. READ MORE

  15. Oscars: 'Birdman's' DP Reveals Most Challenging Aspect of "Single Take" Shoot

    10:30 am PST 02/10/2015
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    The four other nominated cinematographers also reveal how every frame mattered, from memorable scenes of fire to re-creations of the quiet calm of a nunnery. READ MORE

  16. Oscars: What 'Hobbit's' Sound Editors Used to Make Clashing Armies Sound Realistic

    9:30 am PST 02/10/2015
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    This year's other nominees also reveal how they went the extra mile to find just the right effects. READ MORE

  17. Oscars: 'Interstellar' Sound Mixer Explains Rationale Behind Controversial Mix

    9:00 am PST 02/10/2015
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    This year's other nominees also reveal why they made the choices they did. READ MORE

  18. 'Unbroken' and 'Heaven Is for Real' Take Top Honors at Faith-Friendly Awards Gala

    11:00 pm PST 02/06/2015
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    The most notable snubs were Bible-based movies 'Noah' and 'Exodus: Gods and Kings.' READ MORE

  19. China Box Office: Final 'Hobbit' Film Rules As 'Running Man' Gives Chase

    8:00 pm PST 02/02/2015
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    'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' is edging close to $100 million in the world's second-biggest film market. READ MORE

  20. Oscar Reactions: What the Craft Nominees Are Saying

    9:35 am PST 01/15/2015
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    'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' nominee Joe Letteri, 'Boyhood's' Sandra Adair and sound editing and mixing nominees for 'Interstellar' weigh in on Thursday morning's news. READ MORE