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  1. Berlin: Watch the 'Logan' Press Conference Live Stream With Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart

    8:36 am PST 02/17/2017
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    The final chapter in Jackman's Wolverine saga has its world premiere in Berlin Friday. READ MORE

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  2. An Uncanny Timeline: Making Sense of Where Every 'X-Men' Movie Fits

    7:00 am PDT 10/25/2016
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    Even before 'Days of Future Past' rewrote the timeline, Fox's mutant franchise wasn't the easiest to understand. READ MORE

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  3. 'Logan' Promises Something Unheard of in Superhero Movies — Closure

    12:53 pm PDT 10/20/2016
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    In a world where endless sequels lead to box-office billions, the final 'Wolverine' is a rarity. READ MORE

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  4. First 'Logan' Trailer Is the Beginning of the End for Wolverine

    6:03 am PDT 10/20/2016
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    Hugh Jackman is back for one last rodeo. READ MORE

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  5. First 'Logan' Footage Debuts, Trailer Coming Thursday

    1:21 pm PDT 10/19/2016
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    "Nature made me a freak. Man me a weapon. And God made it last too long." READ MORE

  6. 'Logan': First Photo of an Older Wolverine Revealed

    9:39 am PDT 10/19/2016
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    Hugh Jackman's character is looking rougher than ever. READ MORE

  7. 'Logan' Photo Confirms Appearance of Classic X-Men Villains

    9:04 am PDT 10/18/2016
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    Who are the Reavers? READ MORE

  8. 'Wolverine 3': Photo of Mystery Character Revealed — and He Looks Very Familiar

    7:48 am PDT 10/17/2016
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    Stephen Merchant's 'Logan' role may be someone who appeared in 'Apocalypse.' READ MORE

  9. 'Wolverine 3' Asks "Where Are All the Mutants?"

    9:29 am PDT 10/14/2016
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    'Logan' continues to drop big hints. READ MORE

  10. New 'Wolverine 3' Photo Reveals a Bordertown Location

    10:51 am PDT 10/12/2016
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    'Logan' is headed south. READ MORE

  11. 'Wolverine 3': 5 Questions the Villain Reveal Raises for 'Logan'

    2:31 pm PDT 10/11/2016
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    If Donald Pierce is the bad guy in the third Wolverine movie, some things really need to be answered. READ MORE

  12. 'Wolverine 3' Villain Revealed

    8:49 am PDT 10/10/2016
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    'Narcos' star Boyd Holbrook will play Donald Pierce. READ MORE

  13. 'Wolverine 3' Photo Suggests It Will Be More Gruesome Than 'Deadpool'

    1:54 pm PDT 10/08/2016
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    Crossing Logan can turn out very badly, it seems. READ MORE

  14. 'Wolverine 3': First Photo of an Older Professor X Revealed

    8:04 am PDT 10/06/2016
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    'Logan' director James Mangold shared a look at Patrick Stewart from the film. READ MORE

  15. 'Wolverine 3' Title and First Poster Revealed

    7:37 am PDT 10/05/2016
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    Director James Mangold also shared a look at the script. READ MORE

  16. Hugh Jackman Offers 'Wolverine 3' Update: It's "Very Different in Tone"

    12:31 pm PDT 10/04/2016
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    The actor promises some news from the project in the next week or so. READ MORE

  17. What Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Run Ending Means for the 'X-Men' Universe

    5:12 pm PDT 08/23/2016
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    Hugh Jackman's final performance as the Wolverine is fast approaching. Will a new actor be cast in the X-Men movie universe? READ MORE

  18. Wolverine's Military Records and Personal Journals Revealed

    12:52 pm PDT 04/01/2016
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    James Howlett is finally officially recognized by Canada. READ MORE

  19. The R-Rated Superhero Movie: An Evolution for the Genre?

    2:13 pm PST 02/24/2016
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    New titles are diversifying their audiences, finding new ways to express themselves and new extremes to explore. READ MORE

  20. 6 Characters Who Became the Stars of Their Own Spinoff Films

    11:00 am PDT 07/12/2015
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    From Gru's minion companions to Shrek's sidekick Puss in Boots, these popular supporting characters became their own film leads. READ MORE

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