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  1. Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine to Join the Movie 'Avengers'

    12:00 pm PDT 07/12/2013
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    'Wolverine' star Jackman says that he finds it 'almost impossible' that his character couldn't team up with Marvel Studios' superhero team in the future. READ MORE

  2. 'The Wolverine' Flexes his Claws in Two New Clips (Video)

    6:16 pm PDT 07/11/2013
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    Hugh Jackman returns as the Marvel anti-hero July 26 -- and it looks like he's bringing trouble. READ MORE

  3. THR's Most Anticipated Summer Movies – July

    9:24 am PDT 07/03/2013
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    With summer domestic box office returns already beyond the $2B mark, The Hollywood Reporter picks the most anticipated films for the month of July including 'Despicable Me 2', 'Pacific Rim' and 'The Wolverine.' READ MORE

  4. 'The Wolverine' Trailer: Badder, Grittier, Angrier (Video)

    11:36 am PDT 05/21/2013
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    Hugh Jackman's mutant hero heads to Japan to face down a mysterious figure from his past. READ MORE

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  5. 'The Wolverine' Trailer 2

    12:00 am PDT 05/20/2013
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    Hugh Jackman is back in a new trailer for 'The Wolverine'. The film is set to roll out July 26, 2013. READ MORE

  6. New Superman, Avengers, Boba Fett with Darth Vader: Free Comic Book Day

    2:59 pm PDT 05/03/2013
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    More than 4.6 million comics have been ordered to meet the demand, as another big Marvel movie opening once again draws consumer interest to the medium that started it all. READ MORE

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  7. 'The Wolverine' CinemaCon Trailer

    12:00 am PDT 05/01/2013
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    The new trailer from CinemaCon reveals more of Wolverine's exploits. READ MORE

  8. CinemaCon: Fox Screens First Footage of Ben Stiller's 'Walter Mitty'

    12:09 pm PDT 04/18/2013
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    The director/star and Kristen Wiig appeared at the presentation. READ MORE

  9. 'Wolverine' Trailer: Hugh Jackman Fights Sword-Wielding Enemies, Mortality

    11:50 am PDT 03/27/2013
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    The comic book sequel is scheduled for release July 26 in the U.S. READ MORE

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  10. 'The Wolverine' International Trailer

    8:31 am PDT 03/27/2013
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    Logan gets pushed to his limits in the first International trailer for 'The Wolverine'. The movie is the sixth installment in the X-Men film series and stars Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto and Will Yun Lee. READ MORE

  11. 'The Wolverine' Trailer

    5:41 am PDT 03/27/2013
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    In the first full trailer Wolverine travels to modern day Japan to test his ultimate nemesis. James Mangold directs Hugh Jackman in the comic based movie due out on July 26. READ MORE

  12. 'The Wolverine' Teaser: Hugh Jackman vs. Ninjas (Video)

    10:12 am PDT 03/26/2013
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    A 20-second teaser debuts one day ahead of the full-length trailer for James Mangold's sequel. READ MORE

  13. 'The Wolverine' Poster, Six-Second 'Twzzer' Hit the Web (Video)

    4:18 pm PDT 03/25/2013
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    James Mangold’s sequel to 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" also got the world's first Vine-based teaser for the trailer. READ MORE

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  14. 'The Wolverine' Vine 6 Second Teaser

    12:16 pm PDT 03/25/2013
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    A six-second glimpse of the upcoming trailer for 'The Wolverine' was also released, giving fans a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it view of what's to come when the full trailer is released on Wednesday, March 27. READ MORE

  15. Dolby Atmos Movie Count Tops 30 Titles

    6:48 pm PDT 03/16/2013
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    Warners’ “Man of Steel,” and Fox’s “Epic,” “Wolverine” and “Percy Jackson” will get mixed in Dolby’s immersive sound format. READ MORE

  16. Australian Government Adds $19.6 Million to Location Incentives

    4:51 am PDT 03/13/2013
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    It is still considering the film industry’s request to increase foreign productions' tax rebate from 16.5 percent to 30 percent. READ MORE

  17. Hugh Jackman: Behind the Scenes of THR’s Cover Shoot

    8:26 am PST 02/13/2013
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    ‘Les Miserables’ star Hugh Jackman fronts the latest cover of The Hollywood Reporter. READ MORE

  18. Photos of Hugh Jackman: An Unconventional Superstar

    7:58 am PST 02/13/2013
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    The Oscar nominee opens up about his fears. READ MORE

  19. Hollywood Production in Canada Declines on Currency, Tax Blues

    7:21 am PST 02/01/2013
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    The foreign location shooting retreat, especially in Vancouver, follows three years of strong growth, despite a rising Canadian dollar and competition from rival U.S. states. READ MORE

  20. 'The Wolverine' Poster Reveals Dark Look at the Marvel Mutant

    5:48 pm PST 12/13/2012
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    Adamantium claws and a healing factor aren't the only weapons at Hugh Jackman's disposal in the upcoming "X-Men" spinoff. READ MORE

  21. First Photo for 'The Wolverine' Features a Ripped Hugh Jackman

    11:56 am PDT 09/24/2012
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    Hugh Jackman returns as Logan for the sequel to 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." READ MORE