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The New Gossip Culture

From the near-beatification of Caitlyn and the aggro ascent of the Donald to the comedown of Gawker and Cosby, the year's top "hard news" headlines have spun straight from the gossip cycle, as both targeted and targeters deconstruct the digital churn that drives media now.

Michael Wolff on Trump, Cosby, Caitlyn and the New Gossip Culture
As ‘Page Six’ goes, so goes the nation: Gossip, the once-small Hollywood sideshow, now has major news status and defines the fate and fortunes of major public figures. Read the story.

Former Gawker Editor on the Cause of Internet Bile: It’s Ad Dollars (Guest Column)
Once-glossy newsrooms are now full of fast-typing young people looking for an “in” on Cecil the lion stories and Trump’s latest gaffe. Read the story.

Anthony Weiner on Snapchat, Donald Trump and “What Might Have Been”
His erection-tweeting scandal derailed a promising political career. Now, Weiner opens up about his starring role in one of the decade’s most salacious stories: “I never had anyone but myself to blame.” Read the story.

Starz’s ‘Blunt Talk’ Creator on Gossip: “We Used to Have Lives, and Now We Have Phones” (Guest Column)
Jonathan Ames feels bombarded by technology and wonders if there is any escape from tabloid headlines that “come to me through osmosis.” Read the story.

Tab Hunter on (Almost) Being Outed in 1955: “I Thought My Career Was Over” (Guest Column)
Back in the ‘50s, Hunter was a closeted movie star constantly worrying that his sex life would become front-page fodder for gossip rags. Now, he reflects on a more innocent but still dangerous time. Read the story.

How John F. Kennedy Jr. Handled Gossip
RoseMarie Terenzio worked as his crisis handler for five years. Now, she offers bits of advice based on years of experience. Read the story.

Former NBC Exec Lauren Zalaznick on How Punctuation Is the Difference Between News and Gossip (Guest Column)
She suggests substituting a simple question mark for an exclamation point to change the transfer of information, as we all battle “a fundamental craving to judge, and gawk.” Read the story.

Publicist Matthew Hiltzik’s New Gossip Strategy: Trust the Journalist, Not the Outlet
“While many brands are trustworthy, ultimately it’s about the individual — and it’s unfortunate that a few select people who pose as journalists are cheap-shot artists.” Read the story.

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