Mark Millar Returning to Spy World With Graphic Novel ‘King of Spies’

This is the latest work the author, who is known for action franchise 'Kingsman,' has created for Netflix.

Mark Millar is going back into the world of spies, this time for Netflix.

Millar, who co-created the Kingsman comic-turned-movie franchise, and the streamer announced a Millar work, King of Spies, which will be the author’s first original graphic novel.

Millar and Netflix are keeping the identity of the artist hidden in the dossier, but the book will be published by Image Comics.

Netflix is describing the graphic novel by saying a “translation of this original Netflix property is written by Millar and will also be drawn by a superstar artist chosen from the comic book world, based on designs created by the team at Netflix.” The plan is for the story to be adapted eventually into a series or feature.

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Most things associated with Millar are not known for brevity and neither was the official logline:

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In King of Spies, Britain’s greatest secret agent faces his deadliest enemy yet – his own mortality. Diagnosed with a brain tumour and six months to live, the retired Sir Roland King looks around at the world he’s saved so many times and feels he can’t leave us in such a mess. There’s greed and corruption at every level, untouchable despots he was forbidden to go near and a system he just doesn’t believe in any more. He wants to use his remaining time to make a difference with his particular set of skills, and repair the damage he did in his private life at the same time. The most dangerous man in the world has gone rogue and he knows where all the bodies are buried. Now it’s time to go after the REAL monsters…

“The spy world was very good to us with Kingsman and a return to the genre had to be something special,” said Millar in a statement. “This is that project. I love stories about an old gun-fighter back for one last job and this is the granddaddy of them all. It’s so incredibly violent and emotional, but really fun too.”

The images above are by Ozgur Yildirim and Mark Chiarello, the former art director at DC.

Netflix acquired Millar’s publishing imprint, Millarworld, in 2017, and while the acquisition gave Netflix access to much of Millar’s previous work, it also made the author a unique employee: a one-man factory for new and original works.

The new creation comes on the heels of May’s release of Netflix’s first adaptation of a Millar work, Jupiter’s Legacy.