8 Ways to Detox in NYC: Bill Clinton's Raw Food Go-To, Gwyneth Paltrow-Approved Cleanses

Pure Yoga

THR picks the best ways in Manhattan to cleanse the mind and body right now.

Where do Hollywood’s finest go when they are on the East Coast? A Big Apple cure a day may just keep that doctor away this year thanks to THR's insider’s guide to detox-friendly spots in NYC
Now that 2012 is in full swing, it’s all about going out with the old and in with the new. While LA may be the detox capital of the world, now New York is catching on to the health craze too. Whether you've been up late monitoring the holiday box office figures or recovering from too many holiday office parties or family festivities, the city that never sleeps thankfully offers remedies.

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No time for a long detox? The Mandarin Oriental only needs 24 hours to recharge your batteries. Try the Mandarin New York’s Ultimate 24-hour Detox Spa package including accommodations, a deeply detoxifying three-hour full-body treatment influenced by Chinese medicine and a full day's worth of BluePrintCleanse juices. Sip organic purification tea before a Thermalism series of cooling and warming to release toxins below the skin, a cupping lymphatic drainage treatment to rid your body of toxins, a full-body massage with Himalayan salt crystals, a soothing facial massage and finally healing therapy to ease the body into complete relaxation. If you can stand up after all of the pampering, you'll have a healthy spa bento box prepared for dinner before your night in the swank hotel with breathtaking views of Central Park, complete with in-room yoga mats and meditation for a full night of zen. Make sure to take a dip in their unique oxygenated Vitality pool. The spot is popular among entertainment biz execs and stars who love the privacy in the spa’s VIP suites. It's luxury detox at its best. ($1,725 per night.)

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Wishing you could press a "restart" button on your body right about now? Dr. Frank Lipman is a certified MD, but is famed for his more holistic, integrative approach to medicine encompassing several Eastern treatment methods. Lipman’s Eleven Eleven Wellness center is an oasis of zen in the middle of Manhattan complete with medical consultations, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow and Donna Karan are all fans of Lipman's alternative healing methods. If you're only in town for a short time, you can take Dr. Lipman to go thanks to his Be Well Cleanse, Revive and Sustain shakes and meal plans. The Cleanse plan uses, herbs to energize the organs responsible for detox, fiber and nutrients to help the body's natural elimination process and lets your digestive system rest in order to give the body time to reboot for the new year. The plan consists of three daily shakes, a light lunch and dinner and supplements to leave you energized and revitalized. Make sure to grab copies of Lipman’s books "Revive" and "Total Renewal" that explain how to end exhaustion once and for all and live in permanent detox mode all year long. (14-day detox  Be Well Cleanse, $199.)

While it may be more tempting this time of year to take a stroll down memory lane or a walk on the wild side, New Yorkers have been sauntering down Organic Avenue. Founder Denise Mari's chain of raw, vegan shops have been attracting celebs like Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston and Juliette Lewis who are in L.O.V.E. with the "Live, Organic, Vegan Experience." Says Mari: "Fad diets don’t work. True health leads to vibrant, healthy bodies. That's what celebs bank on and that's what Organic Avenue provides." Organic Avenue provides full, five-day liquid-heavy detox cleanses that can be delivered right to your door or picked up at the locations scattered throughout the city. The LOVE deep cleanse is OA's most popular juice-only plan. Or, if you're not quite ready for an intense juice fast, you can opt for a sweet take-out breakfast drink like the signature Green LOVE or this season's new LOVE Nog for a healthier new twist on egg nog. Trade that morning espresso for a shot of wheatgrass or spicy "Dragon's Breath" elixir and you'll feel an energy rush all day. (LOVE deep cleanse $250 for three-day cleanse; juices around $10 each.)

Looking for more than just a liquid diet? Raw food legend Pure Food & Wine is offering a "Not-Just-Juice" cleanse for 2012. Gisele Bundchen, Woody Harrelson and even Bill Clinton have praised the food at the restaurant and celeb trainer Tracy Anderson called the food on the cleanse diet "Unreal!" and added: "loving everything." Pure will do all the work for you for the week-long detox. Just sign up for either the Shine or Glow plan and all of your daily all organic, all raw breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks can be delivered right to your door or picked up at Pure's take-out annex One Lucky Duck. Think: Pure Food & Wine's signature lasagna, spicy thai lettuce wraps and mallomar cookies or chocolate pudding to satisfy any sweet tooth. Hangover food never tasted so good. Wash it all down with Pure's brand new, bright orange Day Glow juice launching this week for a wintry cold and flu antidote to keep you glowing for those tough days back in the grind. (Shine Cleanse $75 per day or $450 for the week; Glow Cleanse $85 per day or $490 for the week.)

Brand new to the organic health food scene in New York is the just-opened Gingersnap's, a dine-in or take-out spot offering all raw and gluten-free fare fresh from the farm and 100% organic. The East-Village cafe is Jamie Graber's vision of good for you food for life on the GO (read: Gingersnap's Organic.) The cafe is the new neighborhood hot spot, even if nothing is ever heated above 108 degrees. GO is offering a made-to-order 2012 cleanse featuring three gourmet, healthy meals a day (dessert included) that rotate according to the chef's whims and are delivered to your door in GO's signature -- and recyclable --  brown bags. Or, bring your laptop to take advantage of the unlimited wifi as you sit in chairs made of sustainable wood while you devour guilt-free comfort food like guacamole and chips, pizza, tacos and pasta puttanesca. Make sure to try GO's signature Portobello Reuben wrap and Ramen noodles and take a slice of the constantly changing daily pies for a sweet treat for the road. Plus, GO is open until midnight for a late-night detox-friendly feast. (Brown bag cleanse $50 per day.)

If eating seaweed just isn't your thing, why not wrap it around your entire body? The Peninsula Spa by ESPA's Detoxifying Algae wrap is a full body exfoliation treatment complete with stimulating algae rich in vitamins and minerals, a relaxing scalp massage and full body moisturizing. All of the products used are specifically designed to reduce cellulite, increase hydration to the skin and rid the limbs of excess fluid. The Peninsula's spa is the epitome of luxury, a rooftop retreat combining Asian, European and Ayurvedic treatments for the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy a personalized musical interlude on headphones, some magazines and fresh fruit in the relaxation room or head to your own private spa suite for a romantic rendez-vous or family escape complete with steam showers and double whirlpool paths. (Detoxifying Algae Wrap, $195 for one-hour treatment.)

Looking for an om away from home while in New York? While the city may not be known for being the capital of calm, Pure Yoga has become a zen oasis. Detox your mind with Pure's meditation classes or rid your body of toxins by breaking a sweat with some hot yoga, Bassett's bootcamp or Hot Ki Power Vinyasa classes. Hot Figure 4 classes will launch at the yoga studio mid-January. The newer West Side spot feels like a luxury retreat location in Bali complete with candles, comfortable pillows and color-therapy lighting. It’s the haute couture of yoga studios and offers several styles of yoga from Vinyasa flows to Jivamukti, Iyengar and Anusara to basics classes for those who can’t even pronounce "Ashtanga." Brooke Shields is a fan. (Weekly guest pass for non-members, $70 for unlimited classes.)
Downtown, yoga teacher Elena Brower is a walking – and downward dogging – sanctuary of calm amidst the NYC chaos. The active yogini has taught several actresses including Eva Mendes, Naomi Watts and Minnie Driver. Brower is known for linking the body’s on-the-mat movements to off-the-mat practicality with organ-cleansing poses. Her soothing voice and inspiring messages have seen yoga buffs from across the city, and the world, flock to set up their mats at her Virayoga studio. Virayoga's Laura Juell and Majorie Nass will offer an Ayurvedic intro to cleansing called "Optimal Health in the New Year." If you can't make it to the downtown spot that offers Anusara yoga classes for all levels, you can have your own at-home meditation or yoga seance with Brower thanks to online yoga mecca Yogaglo.com. New Year-friendly themes include "Revive, Refresh, Renew," "Physical Detox from Addiction" or a "Spring Detox" good for anytime of year. ($20 per class or $170 for a 10-class series.)