1/2 Revolution

This visceral personal documentary of the Egyptian revolution captures the events with a gut-churning immediacy often missing from news reports. Well-suited to a multiplatform theatrical/VOD release, the film could potentially help shape future political developments throughout the Arab world. An award-winning Egyptian-Danish filmmaker, Shargawi coincidentally arrived in Cairo the day before the revolt began Jan. 25, 2011. Much of the footage, captured by Shargawi and Egyptian-Swedish filmmaker El Hakim on handheld cameras and mobile phones, is shot run-and-gun as they venture out into the city, are beaten by government thugs and barely escape arrest by Mubarak's secret police, fully aware that incarceration could mean death. Wrote Justin Lowe: "The well-lensed high-def scenes of police and soldiers attacking demonstrators and deploying assault weapons, as well as the frequent, pitched street battles, are queasily riveting. The limitations of the handheld technology mean some shots are underlit or unfocused, while others are chaotically shaky. The trade-off is worthwhile, since they're able to capture footage that professional camera crews would have been too obtrusive to pull off." 

Directors: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim