For $1 mil, Theo gets the Works


LONDON -- British sales, financing and distribution company the Works Media Group on Monday said it has secured an equity investment from Milcoz Films, run by producer and financier Costa Theo.

A senior exec at Milcoz parent company the Theta Group, which has a large number of biz interests across the Middle East and beyond, Theo has taken a $1 million stake in the Works and gets a seat on its board as a non-executive director.

The $1 million deal buys him almost 14% of the enlarged shareholding in the Works Media Group and will give Milcoz Films a foothold in the U.K. Insiders said the deal means that both parties will get an early look at what each has going on.

Production credits under the Milcoz Films banner to date include Robert Heath's "Out on a Limb" and James Keach's "Blind Dating."

The Works U.K. Distribution also said Monday it has hooked all U.K. rights to Jim Henson Creature Shop movie "Mee Shee: The Water Giant," from sales and financing operation ContentFilm.

"Mee Shee," a $27 million family film directed by John Henderson, details the story of boy's relationship with a sea monster.

The Works also has picked up U.K. rights to Steve Buscemi's "Interview," starring Sienna Miller, and "Black Water," a thriller based on the true story of an Australian fishing expedition terrorized by a saltwater crocodile.