10 More 3D Blu-Ray Titles, Including 'Clash of the Titans,' Going On Sale

"A Christmas Carol," "Open Season" and "Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore" among the titles released Tuesday.

3D Blu-ray stakeholders will no doubt be pleased that 10 titles in the new format go on sale Tuesday -- the largest number to hit market in a single day, since the format was released less than a year ago.

That takes the number of 3D Blu-ray titles available through retail to 15, according to the Blu-Ray Disc Association. Four additional titles are available through bundling agreements with consumer electronics hardware makers.

“It becomes a chicken and egg situation,” said Andy Parsons -- U.S. chairman of the BDA promotions committee and senior vp, product planning, Pioneer Home Entertainment Group -- of the 3D Blu-ray rollout, pointing to consumer electronics equipment sales versus available content. “Having new content available for everyone who has already bought the players should be a very welcome thing.”

The 3D Blu-ray titles that will be released Tuesday include: Disney’s A Christmas Carol; Sony’s Open Season; and Warner Bros.’ Clash of the Titans, Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore, and Robert Zemeckis’ 2004 film The Polar Express, which was an Imax 3D release. Three additional Imax titles go on sale tomorrow via Warners, which are Space Station 3D, Under the Sea 3D and Deep Sea 3D.  Paramount debuts The Last Airbender in 3D Blu-Ray, through a Best Buy exclusive. As well, Sony Pictures is releasing The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Film in 3D, a movie the encompasses the 3D lensed during the soccer World Cup, held last summer in South Africa.

“It is a content-driven business,” Parsons said. “When you have important titles coming out, it shows a real commitment on the part of the studios.”

BDA research suggested that as of September, roughly 25% of Blu-ray players sold in the domestic market had 3D capabilities. To view 3D at home, a 3D-capable TV is also required.