10 Best 'Dumb and Dumber' Callbacks in the Sequel

'Dumb and Dumber'

Welcome back, Billy in 4C!

It may have taken 20 years for a Dumb and Dumber sequel to hit theaters, but the filmmakers clearly haven't forgotten why people loved the original Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels comedy in the first place. 

Any fan of the first film is presumably hoping for references to it in Dumb and Dumber To, and we're telling you there's a chance that you'll notice plenty. Here are 10 of our favorite callbacks from the sequel.

[It should go without saying, but beware of minor spoilers.]

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1. Billy is all grown-up

The good news is that Billy in apartment 4C is doing well and has a new parrot pal named Siskel, capable of quoting famous film lines. The bad news is that Billy and Siskel witness a pretty horrific scene in his apartment.

2. We finally meet Freda

Freda Felcher was introduced in the first film as the source of a love triangle for the guys, but viewers never saw her. In the sequel, we finally meet her, although we learn that her torrid love affair with the guys was a bit different than we were led to believe.

3. The second-most annoying sound in the world

If you love annoying sounds, you're in luck, as Lloyd is apparently the master at them.

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4. "I like it a lot"

This was one of the big catchphrases from the 1994 film, so of course the sequel would include it, although in a somewhat different context. 

5. Drinking something disgusting

If you thought it was messed-up when the cop in the original film drank Lloyd's urine — and you're not wrong for thinking so — just wait until you see what Lloyd and Harry use to quench their thirst this time around.

6. Mutt Cutts

The dog van is back! Indeed, the Mutt Cutts vehicle makes a brief reappearance, although this film doesn't involve any dogs getting covered in mustard.

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7. Breath spray

After all these years, Lloyd still hasn't figured out which way the spray comes out.

8. Hot chicks at the end of the film

Harry and Lloyd allude to the first film's bikini-filled bus by saying they're "not gonna pass up a sure thing" this time around. But of course, they still do.

9. A familiar face after the credits

You definitely don't want to leave before the credits roll, as a character from the first film pops in during the post-credits tag. And the person does not appear to like ice cream.

10. The general plot

The first film involves a briefcase getting left behind, while this time it's a package. There is also a poisoning attempt, as there was last time, along with a henchman getting killed in the nick of time. And someone catches on fire, although not the same person as last time. OK, there are lots of similarities, is what we're trying to say. But we wouldn't want it any other way.

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