10 People to Know at Cannes (Cannes)

Conquer the festival by connecting with these behind-the-scenes masters.

Albane Cleret -- Queen of the Night
After years of running Jimmy Z’s, this year Cleret will launch Le Club by Albane on the rooftop of the JW Marriott Hotel. Albane is notorious for her strict door policy and personalized members-only badges allowing entry. “If I don’t see people I know when I walk in, it’s destabilizing.”

Nathalie Dubois -- Gift Suite Queen
Dubois founded and runs DPA, an entertainment marketing strategy company that organizes gift suites around global entertainment events. “When I first came to Cannes in 2003, there were no gift suites and no Americans so I knew something had to be done.”

Stephane Fanciulli -- The Concierge
Need a table at that chic restaurant you promised your boss for your important business meeting? Call Fanciulli. “We can get you restaurant reservations. Our relationships allow us to open doors most of the time.”

Alain Grasset -- The Star Journalist
Grasset’s articles in widely read French newspaper Le Parisien/ Aujourd’hui are always the first to break Hollywood gossip in Gaul. “Everything in Cannes happens in the hotels and on the beaches. If I had a camera, I’d make the best movie ever made in Cannes.”

Chi-Chi Menendez -- The Party Girl
Party planner Chi-Chi will invite VIPs to a tiny, intimate – and top-secret – Piano Bar featuring an ex-gigolo and a concert pianist and Chi-Chi herself as “captain” of the ship. “The idea is we are stuck on the entertainment deck of a cruise ship in the Bermuda Triangle with nothing to do but sing the night away.”

Michel Rebichon -- The Celeb Magnet
Thanks to Rebichon’s connections, Cherie Cheri beach has become the unofficial after party for cast and crew of the fest’s closing night film. “I’m sure this year we’ll have all of the winners and the jury on our beach and once there, the masks fall off. It’s a pleasure to live through!”

Christian Sinicropi -- The Chef
The head chef at Hotel Martinez haute cuisine spot, the Palme d’Or, Sinicropi’s cuisine is very much tied to the cinema and especially the Festival de Cannes. So how does Sinicropi manage to keep his VIP guests happy? “Eternal creativity and the regeneration of ideas and material.”

Madame Thiou -- The Hostess
The stars will flock to the Orange beach not only for Thiou’s now world-famous cuisine, but also for Madame Thiou herself. “Being in the restaurant business, I’ve built relationships. I come out and say hello to the clients, we become friends and they come back and ask for me.”

Jean-pierre Vincent -- The Publicist
Vincent has already repped 11 Palme d’Or-winning titles, and this year he once again has an all-star lineup, including Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris and Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia. So how does JPV handle the pressure? “All of the tension and the stress keeps me awake. The adrenaline keeps me going.”

Beatrice Wachsberger -- Rivierus Blondus
As the Editor in Chief of Sygma TV Wachsberger created the first Cannes Festival TV station with Gilles Jacob in 1979. She was once labeled Rivierus Blondus in a Vanity Fair caption with then-client Helmut Newton and says, years later, “I am still a Rivierus Blondus at heart.”