10 South Korean Novels to Be Presented at Busan Pitching Event for Film Adaptations

A best-seller by the writer of novel-turned-film "EunGyo" is among the works seeking partners at the financing event.

SEOUL – Ten South Korean best-selling novels and comics have been selected for an October pitching event for publishers, producers and filmmakers wishing to turn printed content into film.

"Book to Film," to take place for the second time Oct. 8, in conjunction with the Busan Film Festival, will provide pitching opportunities for veteran novelist Park Bum-sin’s Salt (publisher: Hankyoreh Publishing Company) and other works at the Asian Film Market.

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Park, whose novel-turned-film EunGyo was a box-office success, paints a portrait of a modern father in Salt. Kim Ryeo-ryeong, another author whose work has previously been adapted onscreen (Punch), sees her love-triangle story I Saw You (Changbi Publishers) included in the lineup.

The event will feature works from a wide range of genres: Cho Nam-ju’s When You Listen Carefully (Munhakdongne Publishing Group), in which a boy with amazing hearing abilities reveals an ugly truth; Bae Myung-hoon’s Decoy (Bookhouse), about a tormented veteran killer; and Park Ha-ik’s Sun-Am Girls Detective Club (Goldenbough Publishing House), in which high school girls step up to solve a case.

There are also a couple historical novels: Kangbin, A Lady Who Dreamed a New Chosun by Park Jeong-ae (Book21 Publishing) traces that life of a woman who played an eminent role in Korean history, while A Flower in a Blaze (Hainaim Publishing) by Kim Byeol-a illuminates a time period through an adultery case.

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Other works seeking backers are A Letter From Korea (Homilbat), a collection of frank yet moving stories of foreigners living in the country by Subedi Yagya Raj, Shagdarsuren Zagdkhorloo and Nurjanov Elyas, and for the first time, a couple of web comics: The Dokgo (written by Oh Young-seok and illustrated by Baek Seung-hoon; Toyou Entertainment), which touches upon school bullying, and Pegasus Mart (Naver), a comical story by Kim Gyu-sam.