Over 100,000 Names Missing From Voter Lists in LA County

Voting booths - Venice Beach - H - 2016
David McNew/Getty Images

Among those affected was legendary actor Henry Winkler.

The names of more than 118,000 voters were omitted from Los Angeles County voter lists because of a printing error, election officials said, prompting confusion at some polling places on Tuesday.

The names of registered voters are included on lists poll workers use to record who votes. The county registrar-recorder's office said workers were instructed to offer provisional ballots to every voter whose name didn't appear on a list for Tuesday's primary.

They say the issue involves a total of 118,522 voters in Los Angeles County, a small percentage of the 5.1 million registered voters in the nation's most populous county.

County Registrar Dean C. Logan apologized for the inconvenience.

"Voters should be assured their vote will be counted," he said in a statement.

Among those left off the list was legendary actor Henry Winkler, who tweeted simply, "My name was left off the polling registry today on Los Angeles."

Officials say they are still working to identify what caused some names to not be included on printed lists of voters.

Turnout in Los Angeles County was similarly low to the rest of the state, where only about a third of voters were expected to cast ballots.