'13 Reasons Why' Cast Reveal What They'll Miss Most About the Netflix Drama

Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn and Ross Butler also opened up about the lighter moments viewers can expect from the show's final season.

The cast of 13 Reasons Why say fans will finally get the "answers" they've been hoping for in the fourth and final season of the Netflix drama, which just hit the streaming service.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down earlier this year with stars Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn and Ross Butler, who shared what they'll miss most about the show and how this season is different from the previous three.

"It's senioritis," said Flynn, who plays Justin Foley. "Everyone's graduating high school."

"You can see it in the tone, too," added Butler, who portrays Zach Dempsey. "The light moments can get really light, but also a lot of the dark moments can get really dark. It is, again, a rollercoaster, but it feels a little bit more fun."

The trailer for the new season teases that Winston, played by Deaken Bluman, will return to fight for justice for Monty after the latter was framed for Bryce Walker's murder in season three, and the cast seemed to confirm it. 

"[Winston and Monty] had a very deep connection in season three, so I don't see [Winston] giving that fight up," said Boe, who plays Jessica Davis. 

"And Winston's on-board [this season]," added Flynn. "The character is becoming a regular character. You'll see more of him.”

As 13 Reasons Why comes to a close after extending far beyond the original source material of Jay Asher's novel, the stars also revealed what they'll miss most about the drama series: each other. 

"We've made such lasting friendships on this show and it's going to be weird not being able to have us all together in one place, working together, seeing each other day in, day out," said Boe. 

"This last season everybody came together with that feeling of levity and light," added Butler. "We were allowed to have a little bit more fun." 

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