'13 Reasons Why' Star Justin Prentice on Why He Sees "Hope" in His Troubled Character

The actor also shared his thoughts on why the Netflix teen drama has become a cultural phenomenon.

Justin Prentice has become one of the most chilling villains on television thanks to his role as Bryce Walker on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. Prentice, who is quite affable in person, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss the success of the show and why he thinks there's "still hope" for people like Bryce.

"I think there's hope for the Bryces of the world. I think there's a way to turn things around. I think these kids who commit monstrous acts aren't monsters. There is hope," he said.

He added: "A lot of it is a lack of education on consent and, at the end of the day, just respecting your fellow human beings."

Prentice also shared his thoughts on why he thinks the Netflix teen drama has become a cultural phenomenon for viewers, saying, "I think one of the reasons it's blown up the way it has is because teens are excited to see their issues and problems that they're dealing with showcased on this sort of platform."

"The show does a great job putting a mirror up to society, I think," he noted. "They are dramatized events and whatnot, and our characters don't always make the right decisions, but we do try and tackle some issues as they come up in real life as accurately as possible."

The first two seasons of 13 Reasons Why are streaming now on Netflix.