130 mil tune in to France's Gallic


PARIS – Gallic programming appears to be more popular than ever outside of France.

TV France International and France's national film body the CNC have released their sixth annual figures for French programs broadcast abroad in collaboration with Mediametrie/Eurodata TV who analyzed the performances of 160 French programs broadcast on 45 channels in Europe and in Canada.

From September 2005 to June 2006, more than 130 million viewers tuned in to Gallic programs, a 10% jump compared to the same season last year. Popular series include "Devenir un Homme " which took a 29% market share in Spain, in addition to animated programs " Code Lyoko" with an 11.9% market share in Canada and "Totally Spies" with over 28% of the children's market in Germany.

Other Gallic cartoon personalities Asterix, Lucky Luke and Tintin also found many friends abroad. "Asterix and Cesar's Surprise" achieved a 34.4% market share in Italy, "The New Adventures of Lucky Luke" earned a 30.3% share in Germany and "Tintin and Shark Lake" achieved a 36.1% share in Canada.

Germany was particularly receptive to French productions, with over 42 million viewers tuning in to the 39 programs. In Spain, over 18 million viewers watched 31 French program. More than 55 million Italian TV viewers enjoyed 38 French programs on the small screen, with "15 A" particularly popular among youth audiences. Despite strong local TV lineups in the U.K. some 10 million British viewers watched 22 programs from their friends across the channel, with "Pitt et Kontrop" and animated series "Robotboy" the top picks.