15 Latin American Projects Go to Co-Production Forum in San Sebastian

The forum is timed to coincide with the ever-popular Films in Progress sidebar.

MADRID -- Fifteen projects will participate in the 3rd Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum to take place Sept. 22-24 during the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The unfinished projects were selected from a total of 181 projects submitted from 22 countries, largely Latin American.

The forum is gaining weight as participants applaud its usefulness. Nine of the seventeen projects presented in 2012 have been completed, while three of the sixteen presented in 2013 have been filmed, and shooting is expected to start on another six in the coming months. In 2013, 461 one-to-one meetings were organized between project representatives and industry professionals, an increase with regard to the 365 meetings held in 2012.  

This year’s forum will coincide with the Films in Progress sidebar, which has become a major meeting point for the audiovisual industry looking to catch a first glimpse at unfinished projects coming out of Latin America.  

For the second year running, the EGEDA Award for Best Project at the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum 2014 will be presented. The Award comes with a cash prize of $13,350 (€10,000) and is sponsored by EGEDA, the Audiovisual Producer's Rights Management Association.