18 Independent TV and Movie Projects Selected for California Tax Credits

Major Crimes - H 2014

The final $100 million lottery was held in Hollywood, soon to be replaced by the new $330 million annual program.

The seventh and final California movie/TV tax credit lottery attracted 246 applicants, of which 18 were selected and 228 were placed on the wait list, the state film commission announced Thursday.

The number of applicants was lower and not comparable to past years because it was limited to independent movie and TV projects only.

That is because much of the $100 million available for fiscal 2015-16 (which begins July 1) has already been allocated, most notably to ongoing TV series including Major Crimes (TNT), Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) and Teen Wolf (MTV).

For the final lottery, the selections were made at random by the film commission staff with assistance from a city of L.A. fire chief. Each “winner” still must be reviewed to ensure they meet all of the program criteria.

The actual list of which shows get the tax credits will not be made public until July 1 (the first day credits are available). As in past years, it is expected some of the 18 chosen will fall out and be replaced by applicants on the wait list.

July 1 is also when the new five-year tax incentives, what the film commission now calls Film & TV Credit Program 2.0, will begin. This year it offers $230 million and for the next four years there will be $330 million a year allocated under new rules that rank applicants by the number of jobs a movie or show will create and other criteria.

The commission is currently waiting for the State Office of Administrative Law to approve the regulations created for the new program.