TLC's '19 Kids and Counting' Family Target of an Extortion Plot


The Duggar family was reportedly threatened with the release of photos of one of their members in "intimate situations."

The Duggars typically make the news because of a baby, but this week, the famed family who are stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, made headlines for another reason. Extortion. 

According to federal court documents, Iowa resident Teresa Hunt has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to extort the family, who live in Tontitown, Ark. 

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Radar Online reports that Hunt was allegedly demanding the cancellation of the TLC show or $10,000 from the network's parent company, Discovery Communications in exchange for not releasing photos of one of the Duggars in "apparently intimate situations."

The arrest was made Feb. 4 by a federal agent posing as a representative from Discovery. 

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According to Radar, the Duggar family member in question was 25-year-old Amy Duggar, who is actually the daughter of patriarch Jim Bob's older sister. 

Recently the TLC stars were in Iowa to campaign for GOP candidate Rick Santorum