Tim Burton-Era Batmobile for Sale in Moscow at $1 Million

Courtesy of FastBoomPro

Featured in the 1989 movie, it will become the first Batmobile to be ever sold in Russia.

Just as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened in Russia this week, a Moscow-based car sales company put a 1989 Batmobile on sale at $1 million.

"We have been looking for Batmobiles around the world, but we have received several rejections without explanation," the car sales company, Auto.ru, said in a statement. "Their owners and fans don't normally want to part with them for any money."

According to Auto.ru, a Batmobile has never been owned by any one in Russia before or even put on exhibit here.

Auto.ru is currently working on customs clearance and logistics of bringing the car to Russia from Great Britain, where it is currently based.

The Batmobile to be sold in Russia previously changed hands at Houston Classic Auction several years ago, Auto.ru said. It is said to be featured in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman and is in good condition.