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1321 Clover

Studio: CBS Paramount Network Television
Team: Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh, Walt Becker
Documentary-style comedy about a typical suburban American family; Paul F. Thompkins, Amanda Detmer star

Studio: CBS Paramount Network Television
Team: Paul Reiser, Harold Ramis
Centers on a man (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and a woman who meet at a funeral and can't seem to stay away from
one another

The Big Bang Theory
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Team: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, James Burrows
Science geeks (Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons) befriend a woman (Kaley Cuoco) who is out of their element

The Captain
Studio: CBS Paramount Network Television
Team: John Hamburg
Young writer (Fran Kranz) whose life starts to change when he moves into a legendary Hollywood apartment building; Jeffrey Tambor, Raquel Welch, Chris Klein, Al Madrigal co-star

Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Team: Greg Garcia, Alan Kirschenbaum, Todd Holland
Three siblings -- identical twin sisters (Marrisa Jaret Winokur, Nikki Cox) and a brother (Michael Rapaport) -- buy one sister an extreme makeover and move to Hollywood

Giants of Radio (presentation)
Studio: 20th Century Fox Television
Team: Jason Winer, Todd Komarnicki, Jon Berg, Matt Weinberg
Ensemble comedy set at a radio network; Winer, Jordan Black, Phil Hendrie co-star

I'm In Hell
Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV
Team: Aron Abrams, Greg Thompson, Frank Coraci
High-flying Wall Street player (Jason Biggs) dies in a BlackBerry-related car crash. Because Hell is at full capacity, he is reassigned to Hell on Earth and must figure out a way to get by without his career and all the trappings of his former existence

Untitled Kohan/Mutchnick
Studio: Warner Bros. Television/KoMut Entertainment
Team: Max Mutchnick, David Kohan, James Burrows
Office buddy comedy about two friends and writing partners, one straight and one gay (Brian Austin Green), and the women (Jessica Capshaw, Vanessa Lengies) who work with them

The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud

Studio: ABC TV Studio/CBS Paramount Network TV
Team: Jeff Greenstein, James Burrows
Former literary genius (Marisa Tomei) has an awakening and decides to pursue optimism instead of cynicism; Cynthia Watros, Nicholas D'Agosto co-star

Untitled Scott Silveri
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Team: Scott Silveri, Andy Ackerman
Ensemble about the people who are up all night while the rest of us are sleeping; J.D. Walsh, Josh Meyers, Leslie Grossman co-star


Babylon Fields

Studio: 20th Century Fox TV
Team: Michael Atkinson, Gerald Cuesta, Michael Cuesta
Sardonic, apocalyptic comedic drama in which the dead are resurrected and try to resume their former lives; Amber Tamblyn, Ray Stevenson, Kathy Baker, Jamey Sheridan star

Untitled Cynthia Cidre

Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV/ABC TV Studio
Team: Cynthia Cidre, Jonathan Prince, Polly Anthony, Jimmy Iovine, Jimmy Smits, VChristian Duguay
Follows the lives of three generations of a powerful Latin American family in South Florida who work in the rum business; Smits, Nestor Carbonell, Rita Moreno, Hector Elizondo, Polly Walker star

Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV
Team: Barbara Hall, Joe Roth, Nina Lederman, Mick Jackson
Ex-Jesuit priest/psychlogist (Ron Eldard) performs exorcisms, fighting the demons in his life and the lives of others; Harold Perrinau co-stars

The Man (presentation)
Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV
Team: Anthony Zuiker, VSimon West, Jib Polhemus, LL Cool J, Jason Barrett
Undercover Los Angeles cop (LL Cool J) juggles his job and the care for a boy orphaned by one of his drug busts. Jessica Collins, Melinda Clarke, Mia Maestro co-star.

Protect and Serve

Studio: NBC Universal TV Studio
Team: Mark Gibson, Philip Halprin, Gary Scott Thompson, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Centers on the lives of street cops in suburban Los Angeles as they deal with the trials and tribulations of police life on and off the job; Monica Potter, Eric Balfour, Steve Harris, Dean Cain co-star

Untitled Barry Schindel
Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV/Scott Free Prods.
Team: Barry Schindel, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, David Zucker, VAdam Bernstein
Follows the private lives and cases of a team of dedicated public defenders; Janeane Garofalo, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Rachel Carpani co-star

Skip Tracer
Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV
Team: Mitchell Burgess, Robin Green, Tucker Tooley, Stephen Dorff, Stephen Frears
Centers on a so-called skip tracer (Dorff) -- a guy who finds people who have tried to disappear; Beverly D'Angelo, Diedrich Bader co-star

Studio: CBS Paramount Network TV
Team: Mike Kelley, Alan Poul
Revolves around married couples in 1970s suburbia who explore partner-swapping and open marriages; Grant Shaw, Jack Davenport, Josh Hopkins, Lana Parrilla co-star

Twilight (presentation)
Studio: Warner Bros. Television
Team: Trevor Munson, Ron Koslow, Joel Silver, Gerard Bocaccio
Private investigator/vampire (Alex O'Loughlin) struggles with the repercussions of immortality; Amber Valletta, Shanon Lucio co-stars

Viva Laughlin
Studio: Sony Pictures TV/BBC Worldwide Prods./CBS Par TV/Seed Prods.
Team: Bob Lowry, Hugh Jackman, John Palermo, Paul Telegdy, Peter Bowker, Gabriele Muccino
Musical about a family man (Lloyd Owen) who dreams of opening a casino in Laughlin, Nev. Based on BBC's "Viva Blackpool!" Madchen Amick, D.B. Woodside, Melanie Griffith co-star


Game Show In My Head

Studio: Katalyst/Hat Trick Prods./Fox 21
Team: Jason Goldberg, Ashton Kutcher, Carey Burke, Jimmy Mulville, Leon Wilde
A gameshow/hidden camera hybrid hosted by Chris Kattan that featured contestants trying to line up as many average people to perform wild stunts or embarrassing tasks on hidden camera as possible for a money prize

Power of 10
Studio: Embassy Row Prods./Sony Pictures Television
Team: Michael Davies
Contestants compete to accurately predict the results of nationwide surveys. The winner then faces a five-question quiz for the chance to win $10 million

Overview: Stakes rise for studios

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