2012 Democratic Convention: Eva Longoria Preps for Big Speech, Flo Rida Performs for Got Your Six

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The duo teamed up for an event benefiting U.S. veterans while in Charlotte, N.C.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On the eve of her big speech at the Democratic National Convention, Eva Longoria hit the stage at Charlotte’s Argos' SouthEnd to speak to partygoers at Lifetime and Got Your Six's event.

Keeping her remarks short and sweet, Longoria did not mince words when articulating her support for President Obama. The actress told her audience that as a woman, she values having a president who respects her rights.

On the red carpet at the event, Longoria told reporters she particularly enjoyed listening to the female speakers on hand for the DNC this year. Name dropping Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren, Lilly Ledbetter, Cecile Richards and, of course, first lady Michelle Obama, Longoria said, "There's so many amazing women that have been in this convention and really had a voice."

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That's not to say she wasn't enthralled with President Clinton's buzzed-about Wednesday speech.

"He just really, in simple terms and in English, explained the clear choice, and he crystallized that choice for this election," she said. "What Obama has done, where the country's gonna move forward and how it's gonna move forward. He's the best guy to do that; he really can speak to the American people in a way that's so relatable, and people understand it, and it's not overwhelming."

Asked about her upcoming speech Thursday (Longoria will speak alongside fellow actresses Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Kerry Washington before Obama takes the podium), the Desperate Housewives star said: "I'm excited. It's probably the most important speech I've ever done in my life to this point. It's an important audience. It's gonna be overwhelming, but I'm so honored that they asked me to do it. It's a privilege to be able to speak to the American public in this forum."

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Longoria said she will take a cue from the personal and intimate nature of the first lady's speech this week.

"Everybody has such a personal narrative in their speech -- their stories, their American dream, the American story -- so I'm gonna do a little bit of that with my personal story -- my American dream -- specifically with education and my journey with education and my journey as an entrepreneur."

While Longoria certainly was a highlight of the Wednesday night event, it was hip-hop superstar Flo Rida who kept a diverse audience dancing well into the evening with his hits "Whistle" (played twice, perhaps once for each time it has topped the Billboard Hot 100), "Right Round," "Good Feeling" and more.

"My uncles, there's about three of them, who were in the military, and a lot of times I recall walking around the house putting on their uniforms," Flo Rida told THR. "I'm just a strong supporter of our veterans. In my neighborhood, I've been around a lot of military veterans who gave me their history of being out, going to war, and those stories are interesting."

Got Your Six is an entertainment industry-driven initiative that aims to support returning vets as they reintegrate into society, encouraging them to become leaders in their community. The bipartisan organization also held an event last week at the Republican National Convention with country star Sara Evans on the bill.

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