2012 Republican Convention: GOP Platform Bans All Abortion, Gay Marriage

Paul Ryan Mitt Romney - H 2012
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Paul Ryan Mitt Romney - H 2012

The official agenda of the Republican Party leans to the hard right on social issues.

Mitt Romney was officially nominated as the 2012 Republican candidate for president, but the party's platform does not fully match his own beliefs.

The official GOP platform, adopted on Tuesday, calls for a ban on gay marriage and abortion, even in the case of incest, rape or the health of the mother. Romney, for his part, has a record of mixed statements on the matter, but recently clarified that he believes abortion should be legal when those tragic caveats apply.

Instead, the GOP platform is in line with the beliefs of his running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. The congressman co-sponsored a bill that used the term "forcible rape" in an attempt to cut off what he termed "taxpayer financing of abortion." On Monday, he said that the term "forcible rape" was just "stock language," and agreed that it should be taken out of the bill.

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Nonetheless, Ryan has also said that rape is a "form of conception," and he is against all abortion.

The GOP has received unwanted attention for its anti-abortion rhetoric since, earlier in August, Rep. Todd Akin told a Missouri news station that the female body had ways of shutting down conception if she was "legitimately raped."

The party has since denounced his senate candidacy, though he has vowed to continue running.