Spirit Awards: Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Introduce "Non Memoriam" Tribute With Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg sang Pearl Jam's "Alive" to honor those still with us.

Hosts Nick Kroll and John Mulaney decided against the typical "In Memoriam" segment during Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards. 

During the ceremony, they introduced the "Non Memoriam" performance, which featured a series of celebrities who are "still with us," along with Andy Samberg and his "bad Eddie Vedder impression." 

As Samberg sang Pearl Jam's "Alive," the camera cut to celebrities, noting that they were indeed still alive during the ceremony, including Craig Robinson and "Mattie D-Bones" (Matt Damon).

It went smoothly until they got to Fred Armisen, who faked a death while the camera was on him.

Samberg stopped the song to honor his friend's faux death for the cameras ("Oh no, just now? He was a close friend of mine ..."), before hosts Kroll and Mulaney went down to his seat, put sunglasses on him and took him away with them, Weekend at Bernie's style.