Black List: Matt Drudge, Serena Williams' Father Among Subjects of Unproduced Screenplays

Matt Drudge-Getty-P-2018
Evan Agostini/Getty Images

This year's annual list of favorite unproduced screenplays was announced Monday live via Twitter.

The 2018 Black List, the annual list of favorite unproduced screenplays based on an industry survey, was unveiled Monday afternoon.

The list includes a film script about influential online curator Matt Drudge breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal, by Cody Brotter, and Zach Braylin's King Richard, a script about Richard Williams, the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams.

While the list is often referred to as "best" unproduced screenplays, its organizers caution that it actually represents not a "best of" list, but a "most-liked' unproduced screenplay list. In compiling the list, just over 300 film executives were asked for the 10 favorite scripts that they had received.

Other notable scripts include Amy Wang's Wendi, about Wendi Deng, the second wife of Rupert Murdoch; Ryan Jaffe's Sharon, where Sharon Osbourne recalls her relationship with Ozzy Osbourne before they were married; and Larry Cohen's Saddam & Me, which recounts the true story of the FBI's interrogation of Saddam Hussein.

Since the Black List's creation in 2005, more than 325 of its scripts have been produced, and those films have grossed more than $26 billion at the worldwide box office. Black List movies have won 50 Academy Awards, including four of the last nine best picture Oscars and 10 of the last 20 best screenplay Oscars.

This year's list includes:

Frat Boy Genius, Elissa Karasik (United Talent Agency, The Gotham Group)
King Richard, Zach Baylin (CAA, Grandview)
Get Home Safe, Christy Hall (CAA, LBI Entertainment)
Drudge, Cody Brotter (ICM Partners, Brillstein Entertainment Partners)
Harry's All Night Hamburgers, Steve Desmond, Michael Anthony Sherman (APA, Warner Bros.)
Promising Young Woman, Emerald Fennell (UTA, Management 360)
Cobweb, Chris Thomas Devlin (UTA, Bellevue Productions)
The Worst Guy of All TIme (and the Girl Who Came to Kill Him) Michael Waldron (CAA, LBI Entertainment)
Analytica, Scott Conroy (CAA, Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
The Broodmare, Michael Voyer (Verve Talent)
Covers, Flora Greeson (UTA)
The Seventh, Reiss Clauson-Wolf, Julian Silver (Paradigm Talent Agency, Hollander Entertainment)
The Biscuit, Jack Waz (Bellevue Productions)
Just the Facts, Kenny Kyle (WME, Bellevue Productions)
Bag Man, Alex Convery (UTA, Grandview)
Grace, Will Lowell (LBI Entertainment)
In Retrospect, Brett Treacy, Dan Woodward (WME, Madhouse Entertainment)
Rub & Tug, Gary Spinelli (CAA)
Our Condolences, Greg Kalleres (Verve Talent, The Gotham Group)
Queens of the Stoned Age, Elyse Hollander (WME, Bellevue Productions)
Meet Cute, Noga Pnueli (APA, Heroes and Villians Entertainmnent)
Tillman, Sean Thomas (CAA, Lee Stobby Entertainment)
To the Extreme, Chris Goodwin, Phillip Van (Verve Talent, Industry Entertainment)
Dead Dads Club, Amanda Idoko (WME)
The Fastest Game, Katie Werner, Zach Werner (ICM Partners, Madhouse Entertainment)
The United States of America v. Bill Gates, Justin Kremer (Verve Talent, Madhouse Entertainment)
Black Flies, Ryan King (UTA, Heroes and Villians Entertainment)
Bolsa Negra, Dave Rabinowitz, Charlie Wachtel (WME)
Happy Anniversary, Holly Brix (Verve Talent)
Happy Little Trees, Shawn Dwyer (Verve Talent, Bellevue Productions)
Just a Girl, Bill Kennedy (WME, Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
The Liberators, Madison Turner (CAA, Grandview)
73 Seconds, Shawn Dwyer (Verve Talent, Bellevue Productions)
The Beast, Aaron Sala (Verve Talent, Madhouse Entertainment)
Blur, Jacob Colman (Echo Lake)
Conviction, Chris Kekaniokalani Bright (Verve Talent, MGMT Artists)
Dark, Nelson Greaves (WME, Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
Kill the Leopard, Mattson Tomlin (CAA, Grandview)
The Kings of Cool, Jon Dorsey (CAA, Good Fear Film + Management)
Mamba, Mike Schneider (CAA, Lee Stobby Entertainment)
(Please) Maternity Leave, Ari Berkowitz, Ava Tramer (CAA, APA, Artists First)
Queen & Slim, Lena Waithe (WME, The Mission Entertainment)
Saddam & Me, Larry Cohen (UTA, Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
CI-34, Sascha Penn (CAA, Madhouse Entertainment)
The Defender, Nicholas Mariani (Verve Talent, Writ Large)
Escher, Jason Kessler (Good Fear Film +Management)
The Half of It, Alice Wu (CAA)
Hare, Jason Rostovsky (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
Infidels, Mark Bianculli (WME, Anonymous Content)
Naked Is the Best Disguise, Graham Moore (CAA)
Popular, Hannah Hafey, Kaitlin Smith (The Gersh Agency, The Arlook Group)
Queen, Harry Tarre (CAA, Circle of Confusion)
The Second Life of Ben Haskins, Matt Kic, Mike Sorce (Abrams Artists Agency, Magnolia Entertainment)
The 29th Accident, Alanna Brown (UTA, Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)
Untitled Coast Guard, Alex Sohn (Paradigm Talent Agency, Madhouse Entertainment)
Welcome to the Neighborhood, Ross Lazar, Sebastian Shepard (WME)
Young. Wild. Free., Tony Rettenmaier, Juel Taylor (The Gotham Group)
Your Boy, Matt Whitaker (UTA)
AMA (Ask Me Anything) John Wikstrom (Verve Talent, Good Fear Film + Management, Romark Entertainment)
At Risk, Jenny Halper (Unitled Entertainment)
Gunfight, Jake Disch (WME, The Radmin Company)
Inhuman Nature, Matt Fisch (Grandview)
The Interventionist, Colin Bannon (UTA, Hopschotch Pictures)
Isleworth, Charlie Efron (Bellevue Productions)
Little Fish, Mattson Tomlin (CAA, Grandview)
Me & Tammy Faye at the Betty Ford Clinic, Pamela Garcia Rooney (Paradigm Talent Agency, Brillstein Entertainment Partners)
Nobody Nothing Nowhere, Alex Fischer, Rachel Wolther (APA)
One Night in Mississippi, Michele Atkins (Caviar, Francey Grace)
Ride, Krystin Ver Linden (Verve Talent, Hollander Entertainment)
Sharon, Ryan Jaffe (Paradigm Talent Agency, Lee Stobby Entertainment)
Spark, Meredith Dawson (CAA)
Untitled Syria Project, Stephanie Carrie (CAA, Link Entertainment)
Wendi, Amy Wang (Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment)