2018 Clio Entertainment Awards Paid Tribute to Stan Lee, Richard Alan Greenberg and Fire Victims

Alfonso Ribeiro_Clio Awards - Getty  - H 2018
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Clio Entertainment

Alfonso Ribeiro hosted the ceremony at the Dolby Theatre on Thursday.

The 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards honored the gains made by marketing campaigns behind this year's films, television shows and games while also acknowledging some recent losses.

Thursday night's host, comedian and actor Alfonso Ribeiro, kicked off the ceremony at the Dolby Theatre by addressing the ongoing Woolsey Fire, which has swept the Malibu area and displaced many from their homes. The most recent numbers confirm more than 60 deaths and hundreds of people missing.

"Before we get started, we would be remiss not to take a moment to think on those devastated by the fires currently consuming the state of California," Ribeiro noted in his opening remarks. "Many of us live, work and have loved ones in the affected areas and while tonight is an occasion to celebrate, we do so with heavy hearts for those upended by this tragedy."

Ribeiro went on to make a couple quips about his inability to escape the "Carlton dance," a jig made famous by his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character. He appeased the audience with a little snippet of the signature move before presenting the first winners of the night.

Near the middle of the ceremony, a short break was taken to commemorate Richard Alan Greenberg, an effects artist who passed away in June. Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner spoke about Greenberg's contributions to the entertainment industry before introducing a montage of main titles the late designer helped create for films such as Superman, Alien and The Matrix.

"This is very personal to me because he became the son, or the kid brother, I never had," Donner said of his friend. "I never made a film that didn't have Richard making the titles."

Another life that was honored was that of Stan Lee, who died Monday at the age of 95. The Marvel Comics writer was an honorary award recipient at the 2013 Clio Awards.

"For his charm, for his enthusiasm, for the pure joy he took in helping shape and promote his creations, whose superheroics were only second to their humanity, we will miss Stan Lee," Ribeiro said. "The world won't see his like again."

A superhero film born out of the Marvel Comics character, Deadpool 2 took home five wins total in the theatrical and home entertainment categories for marketing campaigns such as Deadpool-themed toilet seat covers and a Bob Ross Joy of Painting parody. MOCEAN took home the agency of the year award and FX won television/streaming network of the year.

Earlier on in the night, Ribeiro joked about "Ryan Murphy's 28 television series about awful people being awful to each other in awful places all played by Sarah Paulson." FX houses Murphy's American Horror Story, though it was his newer show, Pose, that won an award for best print campaign in television/streaming.

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