BAFTA Games Awards Opens Submissions, Expands Categories

BAFTA Award - Getty - H 2017
Steve Finn/Getty Images


A new supporting actor honor will be introduced at the 2020 ceremony next April.

The BAFTA Games Awards, which has honored the best in the gaming industry since 2003, opened entries for the 2020 honors on Monday and also introduced a number of new categories. Entries will be accepted through Nov. 14 for games released by Dec. 13, while that same day acts as the final deadline for games released before Dec. 31. Official nominations will be announced on March 3, 2020.

Honors in new categories such as animation and technical achievement have been introduced, both designed to award the technical expertise in craft, gameplay programming and visual engineering. Also added is an expansion to the performer category, which will be split into leading and supporting honors at the 2020 ceremony for the first time. Both performance categories are open to male and female actors. 

Meanwhile, the mobile game award (which is the last remaining platform-specific category at the BAFTA Games Awards) will be retired, though the publicly voted-upon EE Mobile Game Award will still be presented. 

"The British Academy Game Awards recognize and promote the brightest talent in games. The committee acknowledges changes within the industry and works towards reflecting those in the BAFTA Games Awards’ categories," said BAFTA Games Committee chair Dr. Jo Twist. "Throughout previous years mobile games have featured heavily across all categories, and we are confident this trend will continue. Our aim is to highlight the incredible craftsmanship of game development beyond their dedicated platforms.” 

The BAFTA Games Awards will be held April 2, 2020, in London.