20th Century Fox Pacts With Rightster to Bolster YouTube Presence Abroad

Kingsman: The Secret Service Still - H 2015
Jaap Buitendijk

Kingsman: The Secret Service Still - H 2015

Rightster's team will manage 20th Century Fox's YouTube marketing strategy for 35 channels across 17 international markets, including the U.K., Germany and France.

Twentieth Century Fox is expanding its YouTube presence internationally through a deal with U.K. tech firm Rightster. 

Under the deal, multiplatform video network Rightster will manage 20th Century Fox's marketing strategy for 35 YouTube channels across 17 international markets. This includes oversight of channel management, audience development and influencer development, in addition to the execution of content and influencer-driven viral marketing campaigns on a title-by-title basis.

"On a global platform like YouTube, the question is how to segment your audience and talk to them in different ways," says Rightster COO Ben Lister. "There might be studios with one single global dedicated channel, but what we're finding is that sometimes there's actually enough local content and marketing materials to support dedicated local channels." 

The international channels that Rightster will manage stretch across a number of territories, among them the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey. In many cases, Rightster will help 20th Century Fox deploy trailers in those countries' native languages and with content specifically for those audiences. The goal, says Lister, is to ensure that when someone in France searches YouTube for Kingsman, they find the videos localized to their market and are driven to the local 20th Century Fox YouTube channel.

"Rightster offers the global footprint to help increase our international reach on YouTube through their expertise in channel management, audience development and influencer marketing campaigns," said Kieran Breen, president of international theatrical marketing at 20th Century Fox.

Rightster, which has 12 offices around the world, including ones in New York and Los Angeles, was founded as a video distribution and monetization network but has expanded its reach through the acquisition of video management firm ViralSpiral and YouTube network Base79 last year. The company now has a network of 7,000 publishers that generate more than 1.5 billion views a month. 

The company had been working with 20th Century Fox on some campaigns and channel management prior to the current deal, including two projects tied to the release of Kingsman. One involved YouTube influencers trying to break into the premiere. The second was a short film featuring parkour athletes. Based on the success of those projects, Fox expanded the relationship to include management of its 35 international channels. 

"We are unlocking this new value and working with partners in the U.S. to give them an international presence," Lister says. "We want to help them think globally but act locally."