20th Century Fox Renews Cinram Supply Deal

Canadian replicator will continue to supply the studio in North America and Europe.

TORONTO -- Canadian replicator Cinram International Income Fund, a key industry barometer for DVD and Blu-Ray sales, has re-upped its 14 year-old supply deal with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The new multi-year deal will see Toronto-based Cinram continue to supply replication and distribution for the Fox studio across North America and Europe. The continued patronage is welcome after Cinram last year lost to Technicolor a key contract -- and a big chunk of business -- to replicate and distribute DVD and Blu-ray discs for Warner Bros. Video out of Nashville. Warner Bros. bolting came just as video game and CD revenue was trailing off due to industry softness and a shift of entertainment content to digital platforms, including Apple's iTunes store. But Fox’s home entertainment division is sticking by the Canadian replicator. “As the media landscape evolves, they (Cinram) will continue to play an integral role in our business for many years to come,” Mike Dunn, president worldwide for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, said in a statement. The Canadian company, which provides pre-recorded multimedia products and distribution services to Hollywood studios, also services Universal Pictures and Lionsgate.