'20th Century Women' Trailer: Annette Bening Recruits Greta Gerwig, Elle Fanning for Parenting Help (Exclusive Image)

20th Century Women Still_Exclusive - Publicity - H 2016
Merrick Morton/A24

"How do you be a good man? What does that even mean nowadays?"

A24 and Annapurna Pictures released a new trailer for 20th Century Women, which sees Annette Bening admitting she needs help raising her son.

"When you were born, I told you life was very big and unknown. There were animals and cities and music. You'd fall in love, have passions, have meaning," she explains. "But now it's 1979 and nothing means anything, and I know you less every day."

Directed by Mike Mills, the coming-of-age tale then has Bening asking her 20-something tenant (Greta Gerwig) and her son's teenage friend (Elle Fanning) to chip in to educate the young boy (Lucas Jade Zumann) about girls, life and love.

Though the new trailer is, once again, packed with comical wisdom — "The people who help you, they might not be the people you wanted; they might just be the people who show up," says Bening — it's Billy Crudup who takes the cake this time.

"Never have sex with just the vagina," he advises the boy. "You have to have sex with the whole woman."

20th Century Women hits limited theaters Dec. 25 before expanding nationwide Jan. 20. Watch the trailer below, and see an exclusive image of Gerwig above.