$250,000 Rembrandt Stolen From L.A.-Area Ritz-Carlton

The pen-and-ink drawing was taken late Saturday night from the Marina Del Rey hotel.

Art heists don't just happen at museums. 

On Saturday, a pen-and-ink drawing by famed Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmeszoom van Rijn valued at  approximately $250,000, was stolen from the Marina Del Rey Ritz-Carlton hotel, reports NBC Los Angeles

Detectives believe that the artwork, titled "The Judgment" was removed during a 15-minute time window between 10:20 and 10:35 p.m. Saturday while the exhibit's curator may have been distracted by a hotel guest who seemed to want to make a purchase. 

"So the curator turned his attention away from the exhibit, towards this other individual. And when he turned back the Rembrandt was gone," Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told the TV station. 

The 10 inch by 6 inch drawing, which was made in quill pen and ink circa 1655 and is signed on the back by the artist, was one of many different pieces of art being displayed throughout a hallway in the hotel as part of an exhibit sponsored by the San Francisco-area Linearis Institute. it was resting on an easel and not fastened down in any way. 

Whitmore says the police are now reviewing security tapes, but added that "this appears to be a well-though, well-planned, well-executed theft. ... but not executed well enough to get away with." 

Neither the hotel or the Linearis Institute offered comment on the theft.