2929 builds 'Architect' promo


In the first-ever promotion encouraging viewers to see day-and-date releases in theaters, 2929 Entertainment is offering a free film score, deleted scenes, online production notes and film stills to moviegoers who buy tickets to HDNet Films' "The Architect" on MovieTickets.com.

"This is the first of 10 or more (promotions) in the next 12 months that will include this type of value add," said Mark Cuban, co-owner of 2929 with Todd Wagner. "We will continue to look for additional digital products we can offer as a reward for those who watch the movie in a theater."

At the site, ticket buyers can download the score written and performed by Marcelo Zarvos ("The Good Shepherd") via a package of MP3s. The deleted scenes on the site also will be featured on the film's DVD, coming to stores Dec. 1, the same day the film appears at 2929's Landmark Theatres in select cities.

Cuban would not reveal terms of the deal with the Web site, but said, "We have worked with them for a while, and they were very open to the deal. It's a win-win for both companies." He also wouldn't disclose Zarvos' profit participation in the free downloads, but called it a "win-win scenario."

First-time feature director Matt Tauber's drama follows two Chicago families, one led by an affluent architect and his wife (Anthony LaPaglia and Isabella Rossellini) and another led by a poor mother (Viola Davis) who enlists the architect to tear down the dangerous housing project he created.