2nd Roma fest to salute Fellini in Oct.


ROME -- The second edition of the RomaCinemaFest will take place Oct. 18-26 and feature a special tribute to iconic director Federico Fellini, organizers said Friday.

The Fellini tribute in Rome follows a precedent set at this year's festival, which saw Italian directors Roberto Rosellini, Luchino Visconti and Mario Soldati honored on what was the centennial of each man's birth.

Next year's dates fall slightly later than this year's inaugural edition, which took place Oct. 13-21. But the announcement quashes speculation that the Italian capital's festival could be moved further in the calendar from the Venice International Film Festival, which traditionally takes place in early September.

This year, the Rome event started less than five weeks after Venice's Sept. 9 close, a situation that sparked a public row between officials of the two events.

On Thursday, officials from the two festivals along with those from the Turin Film Festival, held in November, agreed to collaborate and to develop separate identities (HR 12/8). But the conflict over the short time-span between the Venice and Rome festivals was not addressed. Rome co-director Giorgio Gosetti said in an interview that the RomaCinemaFest could be moved by a few days but that it would not see a significant change of dates.
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