3 '90s Kids Movies That Kicked Butt — And Had Fun Doing It

'Power Rangers,' '3 Ninjas' and 'Home Alone' showed kids could kick butt and have fun doing it.

In the '90s, kids kicked butts.

The Power Rangers used martial arts and giant robots. Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) used booby traps. The three ninjas used punches and kicks. And they had a lot of fun doing it. Today's young heroes are more dour, more likely to be living in a dystopian future than in the suburbs. They are tasked with leading revolutions and bringing back democracy into the world. The kid heroes of the '90s mostly just wanted to go out for pizza.

As Insurgent hits theaters, it's time to roll the clock back and consider what kids were up to in the past.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

The Power Rangers were normal high school kids who were chosen to wield incredible powers to defend Earth from invasion. Despite a gritty fan film that caught fire last month, the original series was lighthearted and campy. They got to fight monsters, pilot Zords and go home to their parents in their suburban homes when their work was done.

Home Alone

The premise sounds dark: A kid is banished to his room after being made the family pariah at a Christmas celebration. That family jets off to Paris, leaving him to fend off thieves, one of whom is played by Joe Pesci — a guy so tough that months earlier he'd terrified audiences in Goodfellas as a psychotic killer with a Napoleon complex. But it was actually a lot of fun. Kevin learns to shave, orders pizza and even overcomes his fear of an older gentleman on his block.

3 Ninjas

Rocky (Michael Treanor), Colt (Max Elliott Slade) and Tum-Tum (Chad Power) really didn't sweat the fact that an arms dealer kidnapped their dad. The brothers used the knowledge they'd learned during fun summers with their martial arts master grandpa (Victor Wong) to take on an entire ship of bad guys — and end the adventure with their dad taking them out to pizza.

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