3-D proponents hit close to home

Consortium formed to promote consumer adoption

Driven by the momentum of 3-D in digital cinema, the U.S. Display Consortium and consulting firm Insight Media launched the 3D@Home Consortium with 22 founding members Tuesday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show.

Led by Philips, Samsung and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, the consortium was formed as a nonprofit alliance aimed at speeding adoption of 3-D in the home.

"In 2008, millions of TVs capable of showing stereoscopic 3-D content will be purchased by consumers," Insight Media president Chris Chinnock said. "The value of DLP, PDP and LCD TVs sold in 2008 that are capable of showing HD-quality, stereoscopic 3-D content is expected to exceed $2 billion, making this market large enough to attract the interest and attention of many players."

Still, key issues like delivery standards need to be addressed for the industry to move forward.

The consortium's initial short-term goals include creating and publishing technical road maps, developing educational materials for consumer and retail channels and facilitating the development and dissemination of industry standards.

The USDC is an industry-led, public/private partnership that provides services to the flat-panel display and flexible microelectronics industries. Founders include Thomson, Imax, TDVision, 3DIcon, Corning, Planar Systems, QPC Laser, SeeReal, 3ality, DDD, In-Three, Quantum Data, Sensio, Fraunhofer Institute IPMS, Sim2, Setred, Universal, Holografika and Volfoni.