3-D system makes scene


SAN DIEGO -- Performance-capture studio Mova and Gentle Giant Studios are exhibiting this week at Siggraph a 3-D Zoetrope that uses persistence of motion to bring to life 3-D models of an actor's face.

The demonstration at the computer graphics confab sparked dialogue about the future of entertainment.

"In our lifetimes, we'll be seeing not only 3-D live-action movies but 3-D interactive experiences," Mova founder and president Steve Perlman said.

He added that 3-D content today is presented in a 2-D form. "It can jump out at you if you are wearing 3-D glasses, but you are still seeing it from a single point of view," he said. "(In time) we will be seeing something that is more like theater in the round, where you can either walk around the scene or move into the scene itself. One of the first things that you are going to see like that is what people are calling navigable cinema ... which will still give you a single point of view -- either flat or with glasses in stereo -- but you'll be able to navigate around it while the story progresses."

Perlman suggested that Mova's Contour reality-capture system and the technique used to create the Siggraph demo could be used to help create content for such productions.

"(This) will eliminate the restriction of a single-camera viewpoint, allowing us to freely move around and into a live-action scene," he said.