3-D will go under the microscope at USC


The Entertainment Technology Center at USC is setting up a stereoscopic 3-D content testing lab.

An addition to ETC's Anytime/Anywhere Content Lab for digital entertainment, the 3-D test site is being designed to examine stereoscopic technologies in a neutral setting. It is expected to open next month.

The lab is a key objective of ETC's 3-D working group, which includes Disney, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., Sharp, LG, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Dolby, Deluxe, Thomson, TCS and Volkswagen Group of America.

The group is working to identify 3-D issues and opportunities for distribution into the home. Its goal is to identify gaps and areas where forums for discussions among groups and standards bodies could help accelerate the adoption of 3-D technology.

ETC CEO and executive director David Wertheimer said the group will be collaborating with other stakeholder organizations including the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, which recently started a 3-D home display formats task force.

Walt Husak, senior manager of electronic media at Dolby Laboratories, heads the ETC working group. (partialdiff)