3 Pluto TV Channels Join Viacom U.K.'s Channel 5 VOD Service

The F Word with Gordon Ramsay Still - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of FOX

My5 is adding drama, movie and food channels from Pluto, which include such programming as 'The F Word,' 'Kitchen Nightmares,' drama 'Flood, starring Tom Hardy, and Bruce Willis film 'The Assassination.'

Viacom's U.K. broadcaster Channel 5 said Thursday it is adding three Pluto TV channels to its VOD service My5. They are Pluto TV Drama, Pluto TV Movies and Pluto TV Food.

The Pluto TV channels’ debut on My5 represents the first collaboration between the two Viacom-owned advertising-supported VOD platforms following Viacom’s $340 million acquisition of Pluto TV earlier this year.

The partnership will expand streaming service Pluto TV’s presence in the U.K., with My5 providing the three channels with distribution across a host of new platforms, including YouView, Freeview, Apple TV and mobile devices.

For My5, Pluto TV Food brings food content to the platform, while the movie and drama channels will boost its programming offerings in those genres. Among the programming covered by the deal are The F Word, Kitchen Nightmares and Worst Cooks in America; drama Flood, starring Tom Hardy; and such films as The Assassination (Bruce Willis), Nothing but the Truth (Kate Beckinsale) and Love Me Like You Do (Katherine Heigl).

"We know that movies and drama in particular work well in the on-demand space and we’re thrilled to debut such an exciting range of library content on My5," said Oli Thomas, vp, digital, Viacom International Media Networks, U.K., Northern and Eastern Europe.

Added Olivier Jollet, managing director, Europe at Pluto TV: "Collaborating with a well-established VOD platform like My5 allows us to pursue our ongoing goal to further enhance Pluto TV's visibility in the U.K. The three carefully curated Pluto TV channels not only add to My5’s existing lineup, but also enable the My5 audience to experience a small portion of Pluto TV's diverse programming."

Pluto TV’s international rollout started in late 2018 with moves into the U.K. and Germany. Pluto TV recently also strengthened its European distribution with launches on Amazon Fire TV devices and Amazon Fire Tablets in the U.K., Germany and Austria.

L.A.-based Pluto TV overall delivers 100-plus live and original channels and thousands of on-demand movies in partnership with TV networks, movie studios, publishers and digital media companies.