A Massage for the Brain? 3 Spas Treating Stress With Advanced Technology

Spa Report - Publicity - H 2020
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Spots in Spain, Hawaii and Santa Monica are offering high-tech help for anxiety and other issues.

Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina, Hawaii

Virtual reality features in the Naupaka Spa & Wellness Centre's new Sensync Sensory Immersion Vessel, delivering what claims to be the world's first deep brain massage. Twenty- to 80-minute sessions in the space age-looking vessel take participants on journeys — complete with sound, scent, touch and visual elements — dubbed Floating Clouds, Crystal Cave and Quantum Oneness. Personalized in real time via neurofeedback, the experiences aim to ease cognitive fatigue and reduce stress; from $75, fourseasons.com/oahu

NeuroVella Brain Spa, Santa Monica

Depression, PTSD and stress are treated at this spa focused on the brain. Sessions can employ several technologies in pursuit of psychological balance and restoration. The contoured Zero Gravity Meditation Chair uses 3D sound, neuromuscular stimulation and multifrequency acoustic vibrations to induce calm, while Brainwave Entertainment glasses — which pulse light into the eyes at the frequency of a desired brainwave state — promise to deliver a deeply soothing effect after repeated sessions; from $65, neurovella.com

SHA Wellness Spa, Spain

In Alicante, Spain, this result-oriented, integrated well-being clinic's programs include health treatments such as Brain Photobiomodulation. The pioneering cognitive stimulation therapy harnesses tech developed through NASA and Harvard that, after several light-based, noninvasive 45-minute sessions, claims to accelerate cellular recovery for enhanced energy and state of mind, treating depression and anxiety. Transcranial Current Stimulation Treatment is another option for diagnosing and treating neurological disorders; $220, shawellnessclinic.com

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