3 Stars, 85 Looks: A Top Stylist's Whirlwind Dressing Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz at Cannes

Courtesy of The Wall Group
Kate Young

THR's No. 1 power stylist Kate Young reveals how she nailed looks for three of her A-list clients at last year's festival: "Fashion in France is like a national treasure, and they take it quite seriously."

“Cannes is a city of yachts — it's like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It’s totally normal to see someone really dressed up for day or wearing a black-tie gown to dinner,” says top stylist Kate Young, who prepped 85 looks total (mon dieu!) — both for the Grand Palais staircase and as a “safety net”— for clients Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz at the 2015 film festival.

“Fashion in France is like a national treasure and they take it quite seriously,” adds the Brooklyn-based stylist, who knocked out five fittings a month ahead in New York City (“Sienna was in town for the Met Ball”) and Paris (“Natalie lives there”) before Skyping into Cannes for final fittings (“the designers had teams on the ground”) and the actual day-of “getting glam” sessions. Miller, who served as a juror, had the most outfit changes with roughly 14 looks. “I would wake up at 3 a.m. in New York and Skype before going back to bed for a few hours. I wouldn’t finish until 3 p.m. because Cannes runs crazy late with movie premieres at 10 and 11 p.m.”

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