30 projects picked for PPP

Pusan program gives Asian directors a boost

SEOUL -- Thirty film projects by celebrated Asian directors including Bong Jun-ho, Aoyama Shinji and Pang Ho Cheung have been selected for this year’s Pusan Promotion Plan, better known as PPP, a project market by Pusan International Film Festival, the organizer announced Monday.

Running October 11-14 at the Seacloud Hotel during the festival period, this year’s PPP chose 30 finalists out of over 200 submissions.

Headlining the line-up is Japan’s Aoyama Shinji (“Eureka”) with his “Sad Vacation” announced at the 2006 PPP. Pang Ho Cheung, the 2006 winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and one of Hong Kong’s emerging young directors, will present “Great Love,” about a nurse offering sexual services to her patients. Taiwan’s Chang Tso Chi is returning to Pusan with his “How Are You, Dad?” Thailand’s Ekachai Uekrongtham, the director of “The Coffin,” is included on the list.

A number of high-profile Korean directors will adorn this year’s official selection. The film “Le Transperceneige” is set to premier in Pusan by an intriguing ensemble of the film’s producer Park Chan-wook (“Thirst”) and director Bong Jun-ho (“Mother”).

Another veteran filmmaker, Lee Myung-se (“Nowhere to Hide”), is visiting Pusan with his new film “Youth is Reckless.” The film is Lee’s take on a legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. Hur Jin-ho’s “Season of Good Rain,” a melodrama with Chinese collaboration, starring an Asian heartthrob Jeong Woo-sung (“The Good, The Bad, The Weird) is also included in the lineup.

This year’s project market also introduces a number of co-productions including a new work by the director Jeong Jae-eun (“Take Care of My Cat”), who teamed up with a Japanese producer; Jin Guang-hao, a native of Yanbian, on China's border with North Korea, who won Pusan’s New Currents Award, has collaborated with Ko Young-jae, the Korean producer of a record-breaking documentary “Old Partner.”

Separately, a trio of arthouse directors -- Jeon Soo-il (“With the Girl of Black Soil”), Ounie Lecomte (“A Brand New Life”) and Eric Khoo (“My Magic”) -- will participate in a new omnibus film.

This year’s PPP brings special attention to young Asian filmmakers.

Roya Sadat, a member of the festival’s Asian Film Academy and Afghanistan’s first serial drama producer, is visiting the market with a new project. Others include Indonesia’s Edwin (“Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly”) whose work competed at the International Film Festival Rotterdam; Tan Chui Mui, the winner of Pusan’s New Currents Award; and Singaporean Ho Tzu Nyen whose film was selected for the Film Directors’ Conference at the Cannes.

Submissions, which were expanded to include non-Asian regions from 2006, came from the United States, France, Germany, Egypt, Russia and Turkey this year as well.

They include the latest film by Yesim Ustaoglu, the Turkish director of “Pandora’s Box” that won the best film from last year’s San Sebastián International Film Festival; a latest co-production between Belgium, France, Germany, and Russia by a Tajikistan director Bakhtiar Khoudojnazarov is also on the list.

PPP is the biggest project market in Asia that has offered investment and co-production opportunities. Since 2006, the program opened doors to non-Asian projects such as “A Brand New Life” by Ounie Lecomte, which was invited to Cannes earlier this year. The market was launched in 1998 during the 3rd Pusan International Film Festival.

PPP 2009 Project List

Berlin-Tashkent-Transit / Estonia, Uzbekistan / Ayub SHAKHOBIDDINOV

Between the Suns / China, Hong Kong / Kit HUI

Black Stones / Korea / ROH Gyeong-tae

A Butterfly's House / China, Korea / JIN Guang-hao

Decadent Sisters / Japan / AOYAMA Shinji

Endless Day / Singapore / Ho Tzu Nyen

Enemies / Thailand / Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM

The Family Photograph / Malaysia / YEO Joon Han

GF&BF / Taiwan / YANG Ya Che

Gray / Iran / Mohamad AHMADI

Great Love / China / PANG Ho Cheung

Happyland / Philippines / Jim Diamond LIBIRAN

In Dreams (working title) / Korea / HUR Jin-ho

Limbo / Turkey / Yesim USTAOGLU

Love Without Pain / China / MA Liwen

Midnight to Four Am / Canada, Korea, Singapore / JEON Soo-il, Eric KHOO, Yung CHANG,

Ounie LECOMTE, LEE Mi-Jeong

Missing / China / WANG Shiqing

New Policemen Stories / China / YANG Jin

O.D.V. (Opposite Domestic Violence) / Japan / JEONG Jae-eun

Postcards from the Zoo / Indonesia / Edwin

The Silver Gate / France, Germany / Nuray SAHIN

Slightly Sane / India / PAN Nalin

Trace / Korea / HAN Jae-rim

Le Transperceneige / Korea / BONG Jun-ho

Villain and Widow / Korea / SON Jae-gon

Waiting for the Sea / Belgium, France, Germany, Russia / Bakhtiar KHOUDOJNAZAROV

Warm Bread & the Nipple’s Circle / Afghanistan / Roya SADAT

While Love is Coming / Taiwan / CHANG Tso Chi

The Year Without A Summer / Malaysia / TAN Chui Mui

Youth is Reckless / Korea / LEE Myung-se