Alec Baldwin Was in Bathroom During First '30 Rock' Emmy Win (Video)

Tina Fey says at the 2007 ceremony she and the stars of her fledgling comedy were seated "in the back in the cable-reality section" -- and Baldwin was so sure the series wouldn't win that he stepped out.

Emmys juggernaut 30 Rock was once an underdog, so much so that star Alec Baldwin didn't bother to be in the room when the outstanding comedy category was announced.

"The first year, we were such a long shot that we were seated up in the back in the cable-reality section," says creator-star Tina Fey of the 2007 Emmys. "Then we won best comedy. Alec was so sure we weren't going to win, he was in the bathroom."

Fey appears on one of two covers for the Sept. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, which is celebrating Emmy icons. Jerry Seinfeld graces the other cover.

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Fey says the show's awards success -- it's been nominated for 100 Emmys during the series' run – helped keep it from getting canceled at NBC.

"It would just have been embarrassing and rude to cancel us when we were winning stuff," Fey says.

She also has praise for Saturday Night Live colleagues Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. Fallon takes over NBC's The Tonight Show next year, while Meyers will move into Fallon's Late Night spot.

"I was a champion of Jimmy doing the talk show from the moment I heard about it. He's somebody who actually really likes talking to people, which is a gift -- and he's made the current show so fun and welcoming," Fey says. "Seth is really smart and a great writer. He'll find a way to do that later slot and make it his own."

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Speaking of Saturday Night Live, Fey is returning to host the show's Sept. 28 season premiere, but would she consider returning on a long-term basis?

"I couldn't stay up late enough anymore. You can't just gear shift back to that all-night nonsense," she says.

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