30 Rock Jumper Causes Scare in NYC

Questo of the Roots/Lockerz

Streets were closed down as emergency crews responded to a man threatening to jump from the top of the famed Rockefeller Plaza building in New York.

30 Rockefeller Plaza is known to be a site where comedy happens, not drama. 

But, that's exactly what ensued in NYC after a man climbed over a 10-foot glass partition at the "Top of the Rock" tourist attraction and threatened to jump. 

The streets below were closed off by FDNY, NYPD and emergency services who arrived and successfully talked the man down from his 70th floor perch. 

The Roots drummer Questlove, who works on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in the building was tweeting throughout the incident while watching an internal camera feed of the situation. 

"Hey dude on my building roo[f]. DONT JUMP!" the musician first tweeted. 

But, after the man, who has not yet been identified, was talked off of the ledge and taken away in a stretcher, Questlove said, "Whew!!!!! They got him!!!!!!!!! Now beat his ass for ruining my lunch." Before tweeting "My heart is still racing like HELL. I know times are hard yall but...auuugh!"

NBC News reporter Luke Russert also tweeted, "The brilliant #NYPD got the 30 Rock jumper. Thankfully he's now saved and being arrested. #NYC"